The High Availability Linux Clusters

Cluster of computers is basically a group of central processing units (CPUs) that work together as a single unit. In order to run large programs or to increase the performance of systems the high availability cluster solutions are created. If you compare a new computer with the capabilities similar to the clustered system then the former one is quite cost effective. Linux clusters are quite popular concept which is utilized by many companies these days.

The high availability cluster solution helps in spreading a workload across multiple processors. This is combined with various software recovery techniques which provide a highly accessible environment to the users. Moreover it enhances the overall reliability, availability, and serviceability of the working environment. Linux clusters have various benefits including reliability and easy maintenance, platform standard and faster recovery.

Using the operating system like Linux the cluster manager manages the user nodes. In order to manage the nodes, the tools used are cluster management subsystem CMAN and CMAN tool program. The CMAN tool command is used for connecting the nodes to cluster, eradicating another cluster node, changing value of the expected cluster, and leaving the cluster.

While using this high availability cluster application you must be aware of the consequences of commands issued through CMAN tool. If you use this Linux clusters commands incorrectly then all cluster nodes may get affected and you may even lose your data. If in case you encounter this situation then we have a third party application called as Linux Data Recovery solution which helps in retrieving the lost data. In this data recovery method extensive scanning technique is utilized which thoroughly scans the whole hard drive and extract all the valuable data. This application has a very simple graphical user interface which doesnt require technical expertise for retrieving the lost data. So, choose this application and make your work more reliable and economic.

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