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For three levels of cloud computing, the first layer, cloud computing Software Hardware provider; second layer, cloud computing hardware and software applications, SaaS providers; the third layer, SaaS applications, IT Industry, how companies deal with self-positioning and development of cloud computing, SaaS, Internet of things such as new technologies, new concepts of the times a major challenge. May 18 at the wave group “Innovative opportunity”?? Wave GS5.2 press conference, China Software Industry Association Chairman Chen’s speech, ENI economic news and information Web site appreciate through his speech a “professional , industry, service oriented “is IT / Information industry response, “clouds” challenges of the times strategy.

Joan Chen said: “The current industry is of more cloud computing, SaaS, networking and other things. New technologies, new concepts of production means that we have entered a new phase.” At the same time, the industry has raised many new questions. However, should see these new technologies, new concepts in real terms, in essence, with the development of information society, information as a resource and application of more and more popular, information processing, use and value of growing concern. Joan Chen, chairman of the view that the software industry is to keep continuous innovation is the fundamental. Whether cloud computing, SaaS, or Internet of things, actually is a value-added systems and services. For the IT industry to a more important argument is not a new concept and new, but the market’s high demand. Users information about their own business, business deal put forward higher requirements.

“‘Two of integration’, in IT / information technology staff to be creative, the staff also engaged in traditional business innovation is both innovative joint, integrated into a new and innovative so as to upgrade the traditional industries, IT competitiveness of the industry. So in terms of our industry, especially management software, is the demand for high quality, is our common needs, “said director Joan Chen.

Management software to meet user demand, we must also continue to improve, continue to develop. Director Joan Chen from three aspects: first, new concepts, new fashion, is the value of the new changes; second, the client demand for high quality in the new concept, the actual application content to high quality; s Third, with the continuous development of information technology, management capabilities continue to improve, involving interrelated business and industry chain management, industry gradually large, this multi-levels of management, management more complex, that not only the management of an enterprise , but a group management. Group management needs, industry to industry practices, IT suppliers on a number of industry requirements, the application is more differentiated.

He said that several years ago, the industry made ASP, that is Application software Platform concept, ASP applications are trying to put all into one platform, ASP proven unsuccessful. Now, IBM’s “wisdom of the Earth,” in fact this is not a new concept, but the unity of the original ASP into different areas and different sectors of technology and applications, such as Financial And communications, which means that differences in the industry. Management software for enterprises, it also brings hope, continue to service-oriented, constantly SaaS, that is the basis of the Internet, the various systems associated link, to innovate, to meet the demand of high quality, for both the to differences in the industry, but also to see service. In terms of management software companies, concluded a: to keep the exchange and users, collaborative, co-innovation.

Joan Chen, chairman of view, to innovation and integration, and integration of innovation requires an integrated system. Wave of new products launched by the Group management to further the depth of the application to industry applications. Adapt the software as a service, SaaS software as a service to industry trends.

Finally, Joan Chen, chairman of proposed countermeasures cloud computing era: the first layer of cloud computing, software, hardware providers; the second level, hardware and software applications, SaaS providers; the third layer, SaaS applications. He said: “We are in a layer on which and how they should be rational, calm and positive to see the sectors, service-oriented changes, changes in the road looking for our development.”

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