The Benefits of Linux Hosting

There are certain things that people have been arguing about since their invention – what religion is supreme, which brand of car to drive, and which operating system you should run on. For some reason, that last debate in particular has been quite the subject of many online debates. Linux supporters will argue that Windows is unstable; Windows people will say that Linux isn’t compatible with current computer languages and trends. Unlike most debates, though, this one has a definite winning side – that is, the Linux hosting supporters.

That isn’t to say that Windows hosting is bad – indeed, it does support the popular programming language of ASP, while Linux does not. However, many people agree that that is about where the advantages of Windows ends. While Windows is a more household name than Linux, that doesn’t mean that it’s the better system: only that it has the better marketing campaign. In fact, as far as web hosting goes you’re unlikely to find anything better or more reliable than Linux hosting.

First, let’s examine the side commonly taken by Linux supporters that Windows is unstable. Is it true? Ask any person who ran on a Windows operating system in the late ‘90s – they’ll likely all have a story about that dreaded “blue screen” that would randomly pop up indicating a system crash and require the system to be restarted. While in later versions of the Windows operating systems this problem has more or less been eradicated, that instability does carry over to their hosting services. Just like their desktop computer OS counterparts, Linux hosting tends to be able to handle more processes running at the same time than a Windows server can before failing. However, many people will debate that so long as the person in charge of the hosting server is knowledgeable about what they’re doing, the difference is negligible.

The difference that persuades more people to support Linux servers over Windows is the same thing that drives the choice between brands for people in any situation where they’re looking to purchase an item: money. For a dedicated server, a person can get the same amount of space and data storage for a cheaper price on a Linux server.

In the end, that pretty much sums up why Linux is generally agreed upon to be the better web host – they’re more stable, they offer more space and computer power, and all of it comes at a lower price than a windows system.

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