What Is A Wireless Router

For those of us who are totally without a clue, here is a compilation of data regarding what a wireless router is and does.

The wireless router combines the access point and switch in one box. You can connect a few wired and a great many wireless devices to this one box. It times past the more devices you owned the more routers were needed.

This could be dangerous and confusing with numerous wires and cables crisscrossing the floor space. The sole purpose of any router is to connect your devices to the World Wide Web.

Home based networks often use a simple IP that is either wired or wireless. IP stands for Internet protocol and is the means by which we gain access to the web. An IP router like the DSL or cable modem that we have come to know has been surpassed with new technological advances. You can now get faster almost instantaneous access to the Internet.

You can gain this remarkably speedy access by way of a Local Area Network that switches you to the Wide Area Network, which is the Internet. A wireless router works by maintaining a configuration of information. This storage is called a routing table.

They have the ability to filter the accessing traffic, whether incoming or outgoing, by using the IP address. The router is like a central hub and the IP addresses are routed in the right direction by switches of the routing table.

Like so many cars on one highway they are not all bound for the same destination. The router determines their destination then literally switches them to the best route to that destination.

This may be a simplified explanation but it will give you the general idea of what is really happening inside a wireless router. Thousands upon thousands of signals are received sorted and routed to where they belong. You router looks for signals bearing your IP address and shunts the data to your retrieval device.

Initially all of this was done by the use of a broadband router. This was common for DSL and cable Internet Access. They were used for home network set ups because they allowed the user to participate in Internet connection sharing, file sharing by more than one computer on the same network. They used Ethernet cables to achieve this level of functionality. The new wireless routers do all of this without the use of cables.

Most of the manufacturers of the older versions now have a wireless router in their line up. You can go with one of these are try out the new companies that actually pioneered this technology.

Wireless routers are a lot less secure than their wired predecessors. You can get firewalls and other security packages for your wireless router. It will take a bit of time to set the protocols in place. You can by security software that enhances the natural firewall safety protocols on any wireless router. Testing the security level of a new wireless router is highly recommended.

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