Three Reasons Why An Sql Backup Is Vital Right Now

By now, most people realize that the internet is full of viruses and that no matter how well you train your employees, the viruses will still make their way into your computer system. When you are running a SQL server and have multiple users, the value of having an SQL backup is enormous because you just never know when the next virus will hit. Viruses, spamware, adware, and all kinds of applications are out there, just waiting to destroy your data.

Of course, a virus is only one reason why having an SQL backup is so important. Another reason is that accidents happen. Whether it is a natural disaster, such as a flood or a fire, or a power surge that fries your server, you will appreciate having a copy of your data ready to go. Even if you live or work in an area that is not subject to hurricanes, earthquakes, or flooding, you just never know when a pipe will spring a leak, when the sprinklers will go off, or when someone will drop a cup of coffee right into the server.

Finally, the third reason, and perhaps the most common reason for having an SQL backup ready to go is because there are often people out there who wouldn’t mind doing you or your company a little damage. Whether these are current employees, ex-employees, or competitors with a grudge, it is not at all uncommon for people to intentionally delete data, destroy a server, or let viruses loose in a system.

By having a backup, you will allow yourself a lot more freedom to work, knowing that should anything happen, you will be able to quickly recover. Having an SQL server backup is like having an insurance policy for your data, and it is one that most companies cannot afford to be without these days.

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