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If you’re searching for an awesome looking thin and light notebook computer at a significance value, the IBM Lenovo Laptop Computers – IdeaPad U350 fills the gap connecting personal and professional and is worth checking out. However its design is more flourishing than its power.

On a opening cost of $ 629, the U350 is less affordable than a 12-inch Netbook such as the Lenovo IdeaPad S12, while not as costly as some ultra professional very thin and light such as the IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T400s laptop computer. And as such, it’s a winner.

While it’s challenging for to weigh design above performance as looking at a notebook computer, computers such as the Lenovo IdeaPad U350 make it a slight easier. As a new access in the growing arena of inexpensive CULV thin-and-lights, the compact and really stylish looking U350 is IBM Lenovo’s MacBook with respect of design. Lighter than it is thin, the Pentium U2700 processor-packing system is clad inside smallest silver and black and aims to keep a stylish low profile. And while the U2700 processor is both low-power and low-performance by Core 2 Duo standards, this thin-and-light is impeccably competent of running Windows Vista and mainstream software.

Though its desirable to see this same design with a more speed and stronger processor and battery with longer performance, it’s another valid alternative to the MSI X340 and Acer Timeline 3810T for those looking for a lightweight notebook who don’t need an optical drive or substantial graphics.

We pretty much liked the overall look & feel of the IBM Lenovo IdeaPad U350 laptop computers. Compared with Lenovo’s business notebooks and more expensive T400s, it’s far more desirable. While the T400s does maintain a unbreakable crush-resistant skeleton, we choose the business/personal tone of the U350, which skillfully bridges the gap connecting office and home in its design. A savvy mix of textured black patterns on the outer lid and glossy black on the inner, coupled with brushed metal around the keyboard, comes close to mimicking the Apple MacBook Pro’s look & feel.

Lenovo U350 does not have optical drive, much like in other thin-and-lights notebooks such as the Acer Timeline series and the MSI X340. In that sense, the U350 is a much more like Apple’s MacBook Air, although a bit thicker (the U350 is 1 inch tall). At primary glance, the U350 looks thick enough to maintain handled an optical drive, but the lightweight feel without it is pretty cool.

The keyboard is comparable to other IBM Lenovo Laptop Computers offerings: The conical keys bear a comfortable feel but are a little softer than those on a ThinkPad. The touch pad has a tactile friction to facilitate multitouch simple; it’s covered with a finer grain than Lenovo’s extra powerfully dimpled IdeaPad Y pads. The touch pad buttons, while big, are soft to the position of being mushy. While they worked fine, not having a click was distracting. More than the keyboard are merely a few dedicated buttons: One for volume mute, and one for instant access to Lenovo’s OneKey data backup and recovery software. Volume and screen brightness are controlled through a function button-arrow key combination.

The IdeaPad U350’s glossy 13.3-inch screen has a resolution of 1,366×768, definitely standard for this size. Icons and text looked precise, and the colors and brightness commonly looked very fine while watching movies and film. The tucked-out-of-sight interior speakers are also amazingly loud, much louder than we’d expect for a system of this size. A built-in Webcam and microphone over the screen were also clear and crisp during video teleconferencing. was set up to provide an online saving resource where buyers can shop and get discounts through Lenovo Coupons, Discounts, HP Deals, Lenovo Deals and IBM Lenovo Laptop Computers. This amounts to a lot of saving especially in times of economic downturn and recession.

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