Microsoft Access Database: Presently The Most Widely Used Desktop Database System

When it comes to desktop databases, there is simply no comparison with Microsoft Access Database which is the most widely used desktop database in the world. The fact that it is a product of Microsoft makes it one of the best choices. This product need not be installed separately as it comes as an integral part of Microsoft Office Professional suite of products. Hence when you buy a new system, Access database may come installed. And since maximum computers across globe use Microsoft Operating Systems, you can expect support and improvement of MS Access in the future. Also, for years to come, it is going to survive the competition for desktop databases in the market. As such this is strong enough reason to prefer MS Access.

Access databases are especially suitable for individual use. It can also be placed on online portals where it can support a small group of simultaneous users. As such, until and unless your requirements and expectations from the software are big, you can enjoy MS Access. Normally database solutions created with Access can support 2GB storage. This means a minimum of fifty simultaneous users can be supported with ease. Also, if the solution is designed to simply facilitate data storage and retrieval, the user-support number can go up. Further, MS Access solutions can be designed in such a way that it supports linking with one or more Access databases. As such, if your organization has a total staff of 200 or even 300, linking your present database with another database may offer efficient support and data storage. If your requirements cannot be made still, you have another option in porting your MS Access database to SQL server. The latter serves the purpose of a backend database. This may be required only at the enterprise level though.

MS Access offers other advantages as well. First, it is scalable. It is also cost-effective, easy to use, and secure. And complex Microsoft Access Software solutions can be designed to further enhance its features and functionalities. And if need to designed simple to complex database solutions, you can always look forward to Alpha Software.

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