Offshore Software Development: The Global Trends

Offshore software development is round the corner for many years now, and there have been witnessed remarkable market trends. Today, the West relies on the East since the latter has a large pool of skilled resources to cater to the software requirements outsourced by ISVs & SaaS providers etc.
High-end projects are flowing into the outsourcing destinations

The outsourcing began with low-end projects involving routine bug fixing, software maintenance etc. However, the trend has changed now and with the arrival of CMM-5 and ISO certified companies and quality backed deliverable being offered for almost a decade now, the West now finds outsourcing of high-end projects a feasible option. Big projects such as product development & re-engineering, software quality assurance & testing, web applications development etc. are now outsourced to leading destinations like India in great numbers.
Offshore software delivery centers for IT products delivery

In the initial stages, low-end maintenance tasks were outsourced to the offshore software vendors. With the new trend and state-of-the-art infrastructure & communication facilities, vendors in leading outsourcing destinations have established well-equipped offshore software delivery centers manned by dedicated and skilled human resources for seamless execution of full life cycle projects and superior grade IT products delivery.
Multi sourcing

Again in the beginning of software outsourcing phase, scores of software projects were outsourced to a single vendor but now with the dynamic online market scenario, the service seekers now prefer to outsource the IT projects to different vendors according to their skill sets, price range and project requirements.
Even offshore outsourcing countries outsourcing work

With the new outsourcing wave, a new trend has come in. Premier outsourcing countries like India are now choosing the option of subcontracting and further passing it on to low-wage countries like Vietnam, Philippines etc.
Concept of Cloud Computing

As a result of the new trend, the concept of cloud computing has surfaced. Its a new IT solution wherein shared resources and software are offered to seekers on demand. The cloud computing user is billed for only the consumption based on utility, subscription etc. There is practical nominal or no upfront cost.

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