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Created in 2000, Swift 3D was the first 3D program created for implementing 3D graphics and animations for Flash. It incorporates a vector rendering engine that creates vector images of the 3D models created. The result is impressively small .SWF files sizes that are completely web-ready. Each new version of Swift 3D has incorporated more functionality allowing more complex 3D animations to be created. Version 5 allows users to create complex 3D morphing techniques making it a comprehensive 3D animating tool.

Buy Swift 3D v5 cheap

New Features
Mesh Morphing and Animations: This is the biggie that makes the upgrade to Swift 3D V5 worth every cent. This new feature takes the animation portion of Swift 3D to the big leagues by allowing users to create Morph targets for 3D objects. This support is an absolute must for animating objects that are continuous objects that don’t have joints. This new feature will allow Swift users to animate faces, mouths, fish tails, and any other solid object that moves in a way that can’t be achieved by standard methods. The ability to morph really adds a new dimension to Swift 3D.

Enhanced User Interface: This is the first time in 5 years that Swift 3D has changed its interface. It is much more sleek and user friendly. This is in part by the requests and advice of its users. It seems that Electric Rain is a company that actually listens to its customers. Wow.

Keyframe Easing: Easing controls for smoothing animations and creating more realistic animations

Per Object Fill Rendering: You can now choose how the Ravix 4 Rendering engine renders objects in your scene. This means you can output as many different looks as you want to on each object of the scene by overriding the settings in the preview and export editor.

Extrusion / Lathe Free Transform: Users can now transform their 2D shapes freely while editing them in the Extrusion and Lathe Editors. This addition will ultimately improve workflow in both the extrusion and lathe editing environments.

Drag / Drop Animation Visuals: QUickly select the perfect prepackaged animation from the animation library by previewing the animation directly on the tool bar, saving time and confusion.

Viewport Consistency: Improvements have been made in the actual scene editor.

Per Object Line Options: You can now apply individual line styles and colors to individual objects within your 3D scene.

Undo Restructuring: Unlimited undo operations across editing environments. VERY NICE!

HTML /w SWF Export: Makes an HTML page with your SWF in it.

Purchase Swift 3D v5 cheap

Swift 3D v5 is a great tool for any flash developer/ graphic designer looking to add 3D to their Websites and Flash.

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