Three Things To Know About EMR System Purchases


Three Things To Know About EMR System Purchases

Federal stimulus money is finally on the table for doctors and small clinics to purchase and benefit from an EMR system. And because of this, hundreds of new electronic medical records vendors have come out of the woodwork, each looking for doctors’ business. The doctor that is looking to go “paperless” has a number of decisions to make, frankly, and immediate cost is just one of them.

Let’s face it… Shopping for an EMR software system is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’re dealing with how your practice is managed here, and selecting the EMR provider that works best with you can be determined early, during the quote process. There is no “silver bullet” for choosing the best EMR system vendor, but these three things are critical:

1. How Experienced? – Has your EMR system vendor been developing and selling their system for more than five years? If not, you may want to move on. The Federal Stimulus has literally “created” many copycat vendors looking to profit from easy government money. Ask the EMR consultant for very recent references, and make sure to find out about their history first hand. It will save you a lot of money, and even more hassle.

2. Training – First off, how rigorous is your EMR vendors ‘ electronic medical record training staff. Have they been with the company for a long time? Is there a number of different avenues through which your staff can be trained, or is there a single solution that means your staff must travel (a huge expense). An EMR system vendor is only as strong as its training team, and if something seems iffy, find out about it before it’s too late.

3. Support – Especially during the early stages of EMR system adoption, support is a major concern. You need to know that your office manager can quickly solve an issue with your electronic medical records, either by phone or online chat. The best way to find out about support is to ask current customers how well their EMR support works for them. Ask the sales rep for some support references. If he or she can’t supply them, it’s time to consider a new electronic medical records company.

The Federal Stimulus has changed the face of the EMR system industry markedly. Knowing which company is experienced will mean a smooth installation – something every EMR system adoption should include.




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