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I. Introduction In the enterprise information construction, the database is the most widely used application. Construction of the database server can be reasonable for the enterprise data storage and organization, the enterprise information retrieval and query execution more efficient. The current mainstream database products are Oracle, IBMDB2, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Sybase.

Oracle 10G database products Require a good database server performance, scalability and stability. Database server requires to have good processing power, information in the enterprise query, the database server needs to be queried on demand, then the result feedback to the user. If the query is very large, such as when a large number of users to check if the server’s processing power are not strong enough, can not handle a large number of inquiries and requests to answer, then the server may slow or even crash a response situation. Therefore, the database server processor performance and for certain requirements. For the small number of SMEs, small amount of data, parallel operations do not need more, then the use of single-processor configurations also satisfy the needs of the database server, but need to handle large amounts of information for the enterprise, the database server is usually used Dual or multiple processors, to ensure efficient query response and stability.

Database server also needs to have good scalability. In memory, the database server memory size and capacity for demanding higher, high-capacity high-speed processor memory can access the hard drive to save time and improve server performance. Also, some database products such as Oracle high requirements for hardware, such as requirements to install Windows version of Oracle10G need at least 1GB of physical memory. In storage, the database information needs to regularly update the extension, which requires a lot of storage space required. Meanwhile, high-speed disk subsystems can also increase the speed of the database server query response, this requires high-speed interface and the disk rotational speed, the current mainstream applications, transfer or storage medium has 10000 SAS 15000 rpm hard drive or SCSI hard disk drives. Database server requirements for data security can not be ignored, of course, in addition to daily backup operations outside of, RAID disk array technology in enhancing subsystem also can enhance the security of data, currently the most widely used database server RAID technologies RAID1 / 10/5/6 and so on.

Database server requires a high degree of availability and stability. Stable operation of the database server takes a long time, such as 7x24x365 uninterrupted work. This requires a high degree of stability of the server hardware and software. To ensure server stability is determined not by what parts, and server application environments, component selection, the overall system design such as architecture and cooling systems, human factors are involved. Therefore, a single server database applications for key is not a good choice to backup servers.

In summary, the database server for the server overall performance, scalability, and reliability requirements are high. The following several international companies to introduce the mainstream server product, adhering to the manufacturers of these products has been excellent design and quality, with decent performance and a high degree of stability, but also have good after-sales service, more suitable for enterprise data server applications.

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