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IT Giant IBM has released a set of RFID Program, used to track valuable IT assets. IBM operates four data centers (three in Europe, one in the United States), and the German insurance giant operating in a data center, has adopted this RFID system enhances mobile IT assets (such as servers, notebooks and edge devices) to track speed and accuracy. Since the successful application of several data centers, IBM has decided to apply this solution to other industries.

It NancyKingston said, this program developed by the Dublin IBM R & D center, designed to address internal or IBM from IBM customers. Package including hardware, software and installation services.

The system is shown before the end user with a bright prospect, Kingston said. IBM test center, a UK has carried out a time and motion studies, research including the use of hand-held bar code scanners and RFID readers on the inventory of assets of 150 labeling. She said the results showed that the RFID inventory bar code inventory of more than 6.5 times faster than manual inventory 11 times faster.

Actual application environment is sufficient to prove this point, Kingston said the use of RFID tags, IT asset inventory is 15 times by hand. “The speed and accuracy aspects, RFID (compared with bar codes) has incomparable superiority.” IBM has launched a series of RFID programs, used to enhance the number of sectors (from the medical industry to manufacturing) business processes, which set of solutions, IBM and the labeling by the manufacturer of Omni-ID Cooperation Development is the latest in RFID programs.

In general, RFID asset tracking applications over the past year the growth rate is very impressive. Label manufacturers to develop a good run in the metal environment of passive tags, which means that passive tags have also entered the asset tracking applications. So far, most asset tracking using active RFID tags.

Omni-ID’s Prox tag line EPCGen2 standard size 35mm 10mm 4mm, applied to metal surfaces than most of the passive tags to be small. Tag plasmon structure (can be a reflection of the RF signal reader, and it focused on the RFID tag chips) to make it from water, metals and materials from outside interference. Tag chip user memory of 240 bytes, the read range up to 8 feet.

IBM for data center’s RFID tag incorporated in advance only a sequence number, when the center of the label application equipment, the tag ID number ( Print On the label surface to form text or barcode) and the application of the assets of corresponding internal identifier. According to Omni-ID President ThomasPavela said, Omni-ID, and IBM is cooperating in the development of a way for end users in a small RFID tag incorporated in or print the selected ID number or bar code, then paste the label in the presence of electric pulp sub-structure level Plastic Base of the enclosure to form a complete label. This, Pavela said, customers can be internal identification number of assets directly incorporated into the labels, very flexible.

IBMWebSpherePremisesServer platform running the software stored the data on each asset tags and tag data and assets, responsible for maintaining the location database.

Kingston said, IBM this solution starting from less than 0,000, including two Intermec handheld computer, a IP4RFID a bar code reader and scanner, asset tracking software and MicrosoftXP IBM operating systems, 5000 Omni-IDProx label. IBM said Financial The program trades, said the strong interest.

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