Linux Vs. Windows Xp

Are you in dilemma to choose the operating system for your computer Linux or Windows OS? Well, alike you there are many who come across similar kind of situation when it comes to more secure operating system. Microsofts Windows operating system (OS) has been an obvious choice in the realm of the personal computer over the years. There are other operating systems also available like Apples OS, the Unix OS, and Linux. There are different versions of Linux operating system and the most popular one is Ubuntu. In this article we will discuss which operating system is better in terms of security, speed, and stability as well as compatibility and user-friendliness.

It is said that Linux is more secure than Windows XP. This is because viruses commonly affect Windows computers while in rare cases you will find the Linux systems are infected by viruses. Since Windows is the most popular operating system, a large number of viruses are developed for it. But due to less popularity few viruses are written for Linux. In Linux operating system the user needs to enter the password to make any dangerous changes to their system while on Windows, the Administrator is the default user and due to this reason viruses can easily edit the system files without the users permission.

Speed is another factor that one should bring under consideration. The latest version of Ubuntu is said to have faster startup and shutdown times than Windows operating system. Besides, when it comes to overall performance, the performance of Linux is much better than Windows XP. The reason behind this is that Linux uses memory more efficiently than XP. For Windows repair you can consult an operating system support provider.

Lets discuss about stability. Since Windows XP is in the being used for a long time many of the bugs have been worked out. Mostly it has driver issues. On the other hand, Linux is a different situation. Since this is open source application, it is quicker to find and fix bugs than in Windows. Microsoft does not release its source code and they need to find and fix the bugs themselves.

When it comes to compatibility, Windows is a better choice. Most of the software that you use will not work on Linux. According to the record, 90% of the software available on market is meant to work on Windows, but many things will not work on Linux. Windows XP is more user-friendly than Linux.

So, from the discussion it is quite evident that Linux is faster and more secure than Windows. On the other hand, Windows operating system is more polished and more compatible to meet the requirement of todays world.

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