Coaching Business – How to Set Up a Database to Get Clients

Building a life coaching career is a rewarding process. You get to help people develop their life potentials or help them in the crossroad of their lives. If you know how to set up a database to get clients, then you are on your way to getting financially rewarded as well.
Here are the basic steps you may need to know on how to set up a database to get clients:

• Choose the platform suitable for you.
Employ the appropriate tool to collect your contact information. If you are just starting out and in a hurry to create a clients database, you may want to use spreadsheets, Awebber, Constant Contact or shopping cart. There is also a number of software available that offer integrated system for database, autoresponders, shopping cart function, broadcast email capability, affiliate program capability and newsletter.

• Get people to sign up.
The next step on how to set up a database to get clients is enticing people to give you their contact information. This will help in you in increase the number of people on your contact list and potentially increasing your revenue. Offer something that site visitors can’t refuse in exchange for their contact information. You can start by offering free short eBooks.

• Use a referral system.
This is on of the best ways on how to set up a database to get clients. You may use a rewards system to encourage referrals from new customers. But if you already have established a respectable clientele, then you can subtly hint your need for referrals.

• Use online tools.
The cheapest way to build your clients database is by promoting your services thru the tools readily available online. Take advantage of the popularity of social networking sites. Most of them will allow you to advertise for a minimal fee. You can also use search engine optimization and blogging to promote your services.

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