How to Buy 12v Electric Outboard Motor!

Buying a 12v electric outboard motor can be a large investment and one which should last a long time. It is always critical to choose the right size and type to get the most enjoyment for your money.

1. Before getting new electric outboard deals, check the ratings and recommendations from your boat manufacturer. Never exceed UK’s Coast Guard regulations stating the size of 12v outboard motor as well as the number of passengers on commercially manufactured boats. Make sure to ask the 12v electric outboard dealer to advise you about Coast Guard specifications.

2. It is essential to determine your speed requirements, if you are towing water skiers, nets or tubes. The smallest 12v electric outboard motor that will do the job is most economical, both in initial cost and fuel usage.

3. As there are a lot of brands to choose from, try to look at the ratings and ask local boat owners about the various new electric outboard deals and their different features. So, knowing the durability and availability of parts of the 12v outboard motors will help you chose yours.

4. Some electric outboards may have hydraulic tilt, cable steering and electric start. So it is advisable to look at the different accessories you may choose. If you already have the boat, however, you need the compatible 12v electric outboard motor to your set-up. Similarly if you have a steering wheel or stick type steering system, you can have new electric outboard deal with a steering cable attachment.

5. Most 12v outboards have two cycle water cooled power heads or engines. This means mixing oil either in the fuel tank, or adding it to a reservoir for an oil injection system. There are airs cooled 4 cycles 12v electric outboard motors on the market, in smaller sizes and these are usually less expensive than the two cycle counterparts.

6. Make sure the propeller must be below the bottom of the boat when the 12v electric outboard motor is attached to the transom to draw water and operate correctly.

7. Before installing 12v outboards, follow the manufacturer’s instruction. Usually 12v outboard motor possesses two clamp bolts that fit over the top of the transom and tighten against it like a “C” clamp.

8. Use a safety cable in case the 12v electric outboard motor hits a submerged object and is knocked from the transom.

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