How to Charge an 18V Tool Battery

Most 18-volt makita tool batteries are made up of 15-nickel cadmium (NiCad) or nickel metal hydride (NiMH) cells wired in series, with each cell producing 1.2 volts. When charging your 18-volt tool battery, ensure that you are using a charger that is compatible with the type of cells in the battery, as using the wrong charger could cause damage. The type of cells in your battery is clearly labeled on the battery pack.

Connect the input jack from your charger to the 18-volt tool battery. Some tool batteries need to be removed from the tool before recharging; others remain in the tool.

Set the charger to the correct charge rate for your tool battery, if it’s a variable rate charger. This needs to be set at 18 volts. Do not set it any higher as the battery will be damaged.

Plug in the charger to the electricity supply and then turn the charger on. It will indicate that it’s charging, and if it has a meter, it will tell you the charge rate. Make sure it’s not higher than 18 volts.

Let your 18-volt bosch tool battery charge for a few hours, or until a light illuminates telling you the battery is charged. Sometimes a light is on while charging, then goes off once the tool battery is completely charged. If you have a meter, your battery is charged once the charge rate has fallen to less than 6 volts.

Unplug the tool battery charger from the electricity supply. Remove the jack from the battery.

How to Store Power Tool Batteries

Cordless power tools are convenient for homeowners. There is no need to drag out an extension cord when working on a project that is not near an electrical outlet. Most homeowners use their cordless power tools occasionally as they need them, but most of the time the tools remain idle. Properly storing the tool batteries ensure that the battery is ready for charging when the tool is needed. It’s a good idea to store the battery charger near the batteries. This way both will be readily accessible.

Examine the sides of the battery in your tool to find the locking tab or tabs. Press the tabs in with your fingers and either pull the battery straight down or slide it out of the tool.

Clean the battery with a dry cloth to remove dirt. Rub the top of the battery that inserts into the tool with the rag.

Place the battery right-side up on a solid flat surface in an area that will not exceed 122 F or in temperatures below 50 F. The storage area should be away from direct sunlight.

How to Fix a Power Tool Battery Pack

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