How to Resolve Serious Damage in MS Access Database

Serious damage or corruption in MS Access database can be caused due to operating system malfunctioning, simultaneous sharing of database by two or more users, MS Office damage, virus attacks and more. In most of serious damage, an error message appears that makes the data saved in the database inaccessible. To overcome any kind of serious damage, a perfect solution is to restore the data from an updated backup. However, in absence of an updated backup or backup failing short of restoring the desired data, you will need to use advance access recovery software.

Consider a practical case, where you encounter an error message when you attempt to mount an Access database (Accounts):

“The document Accounts caused a serious error the last time it was opened. Would you like to continue opening it?”
Accounts is the name of the corrupted database.

After the above error message appears, the records in the Accounts database appears in the form of “#Name.” In addition, the objects in the navigation pane do not appear.


The root cause for the occurrence of the above error message is when the Accounts database is being used by more than two Windows Vista based systems and perhaps the database is in the corrupted state. The use of the SMB (Server Message Block) on the system can contribute to the occurrence of the above error message. SMB operates as an application level network protocol that provides shared access to the files on the network.


To resolve the above error and access the data, you will need to install the latest service pack of Windows Vista. However, to repair the already corrupted Accounts database, you will need to use an inbuilt repair utility named “Compact and Repair.” The repair application is fully competent to repair the corrupted Access database in most of the scenarios. However, if the utility is unable to repair the Accounts database and you still encounter the same error message, then you will need to use advanced Access Recovery software. These access repair applications use effective scanning algorithms to scan and repair the corrupted database.

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