Some Basics About A Router

Computer networking world will be almost incomplete without the use of a router. The term router is referred for a device which is fitted along with the computer. It is the router only which is responsible to forward the data packets to their exact destination point. They are sent to the exact address to which they are destined for. The basic function of a router is known as routing. The routing process can be compared to the process of switching but its function is a little different from that of a switch. A switch is a device which is used for the connection of machines so that a local area network or a LAN is created. The router function can be explained as follows.

Whenever there are sorts of data packets that are transmitted over through a network then it is seen that they are allowed to move via these routers due to the reason that they have to pass through various networks. This is carried out till they reach from the source point to their destination address. These routers function with the help of a proper IP address and IP packets. Hence it would be correct to say that these wireless routers are the ones that work at the same level as does the IP protocol. The router is also seen to have the information of all neighbour networks around it. In this information their IP address along with their cost all are included. All this type of information is stored in the form of the routing tables. This routing table is seen exists in all the routers that are available.

Now whenever there is a packet of data arriving at the router then it is seen that it is the information of the header which is first scrutinized with the help of the router. Then the function of the router is to check the source address and the destination IP address of that particular packet of data. According to the address of the destination the linksys router quickly makes a decision that where this data packet is to be sent and passes it on accordingly. Hence we see that this is the way that a router functions and the above mentioned information is a basic knowledge regarding the routers.

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