Wireless cards or Wireless router?

The main reason why many choose to go wireless with their Internet access at home is because they find wires as a limiting factor. Being able to go online in any part of your house without worrying about how long your wires will reach and the likes is just an advantage that many could not resist. You can easily do this with the use of wireless routers.


A wireless router is a device that is connected to the cable of your Internet or your modem which has the capability of transmitting frequency signals to your computer so that you can access the Internet. However, this is not the only device that you need to be able to go online wirelessly at home. One basic requirement is for your computer to have its own wireless card. Most new laptops come with built-in wireless cards; but in case you don’t have one, you can purchase a PCI wireless card or a USB wireless card. You can also use these cards with a desktop computer.


Basically, the wireless signals that come from the router will be received by the wireless cards, which will then be converted to data or protocols so you can access the Internet. There are cases wherein the wireless cards are not able to detect the wireless router, which is caused by many factors. The most common factor is compatibility issues with the version of the wireless card, the wireless router and the operating system of the computer.


The configuration of the router and the DSL modem (if you are using DSL) is another factor to check when configuring your wireless connection. If that’s the case, you would need to contact your ISP and inquire what type of connection they are using to make sure that you can set up the wireless router properly.






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