Titanium Material of IBM Laptop Shell

Once walking around the laptop stores, you will see the various laptop and the beautiful covers. You may be attracted by the pretty appearances. But do you know what are they made by? What kind of technology they apply to? And do you like to know their characteristics? Here will show you one of the most expensive one that IBM laptop used to adopt. But for the IBM R61 LCD screen, its shell is not the truth.

Usually the light weigh give us a fake feeling that the shell is made by plastics. There are indeed many laptops use that material. As this IBM R61 LCD screen, it looks like plastic made. Actually, there are some laptops using metal as the shell raw material. Titanium is the main actor of this article.

Titanium material can be described as an enhanced version of aluminum-magnesium alloy. Besides titanium and magnesium alloys, this material was added carbon fiber material. Regardless of heat, intensity, and surface texture, it has better processing performance than the aluminum-magnesium alloy. But the shape is more complex to model than that of the aluminum-magnesium alloy. The key breakthrough is more strength and toughness, and thinner. In the light of the strength and toughness, titanium is three to four times the aluminum-magnesium alloy. The higher strength and toughness can bear higher pressure. And it can also support large-size displays. Even if the titanium models with 15-inch display, it works very well. Titanium is 0.5mm on thickness, which is half of the magnesium alloy’s thickness.

The only drawback for this titanium shell is the complex processing such as welding which adds more cost to the laptop. at present, titanium and other titanium composite materials are the typical material adopted by IBM. And that is why the IBM laptop is more expensive than other laptop. This is one of the reasons. As to the shell of this IBM R61 LCD screen, it might be made of titanium alloy. It’s really at a high price.

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