How To Make Kids Listen – How A Child Behavior Program Can Keep You Sane And Help Raise Great Kids

In a recent TV show on Italian TV where a nanny is invited to restore order to troubled families, it was very interesting to watch one recurring feature in every single program. The nanny arrives and finds that the TV is on all the time. No wonder the parents are having problems and one of the major ones is what to do to make kids listen. Listening is a two way process but in those families, the TV was the oracle and nobody talked or listened to each other!

The first thing the nanny did was to turn off the TV. From now on, parents would start talking to their kids and it was going to be so much easier to make kids listen. The TV would only be turned on for limited times when parents and kids could watch a few of their favourite programs but never during mealtimes.

I know other parents who switch off the TV and make sure that the kids have no ear buds in when they want to tell them something. Depending on kids’ ages, you can make sure you are at the same eye level, especially for the toddlers and make sure that you have eye contact. If a direction is coming from above, well, it is distant in every sense for the child.

Using your child’s name at the beginning can help too. Avoid long explanations. You are giving directions. Keep it short. I know other parents who, like teachers, get the kids to repeat back the instructions. In that way you can also check that they have understood everything.

Children have short attention spans so if you are long winded and you are inclined to long explanations, then do not surprised if the child is distracted by something and has not understood a word of what you have said.

Offering a sort of incentive which is to the child’s advantage may help to make kids listen too. Parents can say that they want their child to get dressed so that they can go out to play. Here is a definite incentive for the child to follow that particular instruction.

Also, some parents recommend that we give instructions prefaced with ‘I want you to’ which sounds much less bossy than ‘do this’ and ‘do that’.

If you have older children, tweens and teens who are not listening to you, there may be many factors at play here. If you really want to learn how to make kids listen, then you should investigate the program below. You can learn step by step strategies here to cope with anything from defiant kids, to kids screaming and being mouthy and aggressive. This program should help you to find your sanity again and also help to raise great kids.

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