Singapore Tenders on Electronic Medical Records

Summary: Singapore Tenders for Electronic Medical Records or EMR are something different. Multiple factors are involved like designing, developing, supplying delivering, installations, test, commissioning and support of CMS or clinical management system. Most of the decisions relating tender requests are taken in the stakeholder information sessions. With the aim of replacing other systems of tendering the CLEO or Clinic System of Electronic Medical Records have been introduced in the island state. Achievement of better and safer quality in treatment of patients is the aim of the project and related Singapore tenders specify these points clearly. The task is challenging but needs to be accomplished with professional approach.

Singapore government often invites tenders from the vendors for proposals on designing, developing, supplying, delivering, installations, test, commissioning and support of CMS or clinical management system. In addition the authorities also aimed to float Singapore tenders for EMR or electronic medical record as the system for the general practitioners.

Stakeholder Information Session

In the recent stakeholder information sessions held it was formally decided that the Singapore tenders for all these purposes would be circulated and all proposals on response should come up as early as possible. Follow up actions at all levels were taken and a number of responses were received as well.

Singapore Tenders for Project CLEO

GP Clinic system of Electronic Medical Record and Operations, CLEO in short comprises of a CMS as well as a GP oriented EMR. Basic focus of the program is on facilitating better and at the same time more efficient patient services. Accordingly Singapore tenders for the project CLEO emphasized these aspects of the project.

CLEO Objectives

Objectives behind floating the tenders for CLEO are multiple.

Focus is on facilitating better quality and safer patient care.
Optimization of clinic operations for more efficient and qualitative patient services.
Project is regulated by Information Systems Division of the Ministry of Health Holdings. The department takes care of the public hospitals in the country.
Singapore tenders come up periodically basing on the requirements of the patients and doctors treating them and

MOHH Responsibilities

MOHH is responsible for development of Electrical Health Record or HER of the nation. The ambition of the project is one record for one patient throughout the island state. Singapore tenders on CLEO are floated with the objective achievement of the target by the end of 2010. The target is supposed to be achieved in three different phases.

Change of Time Line

Originally the planners aimed to go for the procurements in respect of the national HER by end of the last year. But the considerations were multiple. They included solutions, integration, as well as services. In result the project was delayed and shifted to the current year. In fact the process is very good but at the same time very demanding as well.

As the ontology design needs efficient flow of information and usability, the designing process could be even slower. It is a hard task to accomplish but the plan has to be reasonable coming up to meet all the challenges.

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