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125M HSM royal family of high-speed broadband division ASUS Wireless Router Zhuge Kan
In Wireless Network Contact increasing the power of the new era of networking, whether corporate or home users are enjoying wireless networks to Network Upgrade experience pleasure. From 11g Universal standard to 11n standard first emerged, higher rates of N times higher coverage of the network makes more ecstatic. However, 11n standard is still in draft status and allow people to choose a wireless router can not help a little embarrassed when, once the formal standard issued 11n, 11n thousand dollars spent on the upgrade may be faced with no one to turn the situation. However, 125M HSM wireless router, turned out so that we no longer fear for my heart, not only not afraid of no use to buy a new wireless router a few days out of date, but also experience the thrill of fast network. ASUS wide flange (Encore) series is one outstanding representatives, WL-520gC, WL-520gU, WL-500gPV2 luxury lineup into 125M Wireless routing market the most shining star.

ASUS wide flange (Encore) Series ASUS strong cohesion of the R & D results, in terms of speed of the network have coverage in all similar products called leader. The network speed, the ASUS unique Afterburner technology, network speed than standard 802.11g products improved 35%, while in the wireless signal coverage, the ASUS BroadRange using the latest technology, signal coverage is also up to the standard 802.11g products 300% guarantee of about 150 square meters home no signal dead.

In addition to speed and coverage on outstanding performance in addition to, WL-520gC, WL-520gU, WL-500gPV2 more serious matters for the exclusive stunts, extraordinary skill.

Perfectly compatible with ASUS WL-520gC Vista Operating system
Traditional wireless routing is based on WindowsXP system design before, as more systems with Vista PC, access network, can be compatible with Vista operating system no doubt has become the most sought-after wireless router products, ASUS WL- 520gC was born homeopathic products. ASUS WL-520gC is wide wing (Encore) perfectly compatible with Vista operating system, a series of wireless routers, on the one hand, can use the Vista computer operating system, free access to the wireless network; the other hand, use the command to automatically set the WSC SSID and WEP or WPA encryption, and very easy to manage wireless networks.

With beautiful appearance and powerful functions, WL-520gC always attract more attention, 164 * 116.5 * 31mm Size appears small, lightweight, 262g The weight of the absolutely are “lightweight”, is ideal for home use. Meanwhile, WL-520gC above the panel, set the bar vents, cooling products solves the problem. From the functional point of view, WL-520gC due under a WAN port and 4 10/100MbpsRJ-45 interface design, more convenient home, SOHO studio Desktops , Notebook of random access.

ASUS WL-520gU wireless print server WL-520gC
as a “fellow brothers,” Asus WL-520gU also perfect compatible with Vista, but the increase in wireless print server functionality, so ASUS WL-520gU exceptionally brilliant. In business, Office Frequent printing of documents and other required application environment, as more computers through 802.11g Wireless standard access to wireless networks, a new demand was made?? Wireless sharing Printer , And requires no separate occupation of a computer to configure the printer. This time to share a printer with a USB port on the wireless router has become necessary, be referred to as “wireless print skilled” in the wireless router ASUS WL-520gU is precisely created.

WL-520gU addition to the basic functions of the wireless router, but also through its shared with the USB2.0 port to connect the printer to print an instant into a wireless print server, WL-520gU compatible with Canon, HP, Epson Most mainstream brands such as printer products, for SOHO owners of mobile work, mobile printer ideal fully realized.

With two products is different, ASUS WL-500gPV2 the most sought after feature comes as “wireless off-line download”, which it justifiably inherited the WL-500gP “Wireless offline download master “title. WL-500gPV2 built-in download, with SmartDownload function allows the user to the task as long as the instructions issued in the PC side, you can let WL-500gPV2 automatically download BT files, can be turned off after the PC or NB. Wake up, download the files already stored in the WL-500gPV2 external Hard disk In.

In addition, the ASUS WL-500gPV2 also external USB hard disk, to easily upgrade to the server. In the wireless signal coverage range, each NB or PC can be any file on the hard disk access. Video enthusiasts can also use the WL-500gPV2 to create wireless home theater. WL-500gPV2 support a key connection, just press the button on the router network, you can immediately stored in the local decoding of media files on an external hard drive and, through digital media adapter (DigitalMediaAdapter, DMA) in the home theater system for playback . All of these, can not open the PC or NB in the case of realization.

Three different products, a variety of powerful features, match 125MHSM bring high-speed Internet experience, this is the ASUS wide flange (Encore) series are after, not only embodies the ASUS wireless router functionality in depth mining, also shows that user demand for ASUS R & D center concept. Whether business is also home, you will find wide wing ASUS

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