Business Opportunity Leads – The Importance of the Customer Database

One of the most important aspects of selling is by generating business opportunity leads. Of course, you will need to specifically target your niche market. This is really very important in order to ensure healthy conversion rates in your business.

A lot of entrepreneurs who run their business from home strongly desire to enhance the volume of their business leads in order to expand their clientele.

You may be wondering where you can find the qualified leads who would like to do business with your company. Well, there are many systems and tools available which can help you to solve the ‘leads’ dilemma.

You can get a lot of prospective customers for your business by taking the lead generating route. Every entrepreneur wishes to generate genuine business opportunity leads. As a business owner, it is in your interest to identify and attract targeted leads to your website.

What is an opt-in email list?

Opt-in email list consists of people who agree to receive information about your business on their emails. You will not be violating any privacy laws by sending them your promotional newsletters and emails. The conversion rates of the opt-in email lists will be normally higher when compared to the cold calls.

To boost the prospects of your business, you should find people who are genuinely interested in your services and products. One way to generate business opportunity leads is by growing your opt-in email list.

Various types of opt-in leads:

Standard opt-in leads: These people might have first submitted their contact information on your website but they might not have confirmed their subscription on the confirmation link which was e-mailed to them. However, you can send promotional material to their email addresses. The flip side is that it may not be easy to convert them as customers and also they may accuse you of sending spam e-mails.

Double opt-in leads: Using these leads you can substantially better the chances of getting more customers. These people confirm that they have given you their email addresses.

Purchasing or generating leads?


Some business entrepreneurs either lack knowledge or are not simply aware how to generate leads with their websites. They are inclined to buy leads in order to bring traffic to their website. However, it is not quite a recommended practice since they might be violating the privacy laws.

The vendor from whom you buy leads might have sold them many times to other gullible people. Not only that, a big percentage of the mail addresses may have been already marked as unwanted or junk emails by those leads.

Therefore, you may not get the intended traffic to your website. There is no point in purchasing leads since they will not necessarily target your niche market. It could be a real waste of time.

It is always the best option you generate you own business opportunity leads. As your database grows, you will have the best targeted audience. It is the only way to improve the market value of your business. Remember, the foundation of any successful business is having lots and lots of customers.

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