Private Saunas for a Personal Health Touch

Saunas in the past were places to escape the cold of the winter season. The earliest known saunas consisted of dug ditches where heated stones were placed. Water was poured over the heated stones to create the effect of rising steam. The steam enabled the people to enjoy the warm sensation.


Saunas have evolved through the development of technology over the passing of time. From heating a room by simply pouring water over hot stones, sauna houses with advanced heating mechanisms have been built. These houses were usually made of logs and had a stove for heating stones. People usually sat on platforms elevated from the stove to avoid getting burnt. The stove gives off heat, and smoke comes out and gives the sauna an inviting warmth.


Later on, sauna houses were designed with small chimney-like structures over heated stones to rid the smoke. Further innovations led to heat control within the sauna house. In the 1800s, the opening or closing of a small door leading to the heat source regulated the temperature. The idea was an instant hit and gave people more choices for experiencing the sauna.


Presently, concerns on hygiene have come up particularly in public places. Issues regarding personal space also came into consideration. Therefore, efforts to sanitize saunas between users came under scrutiny. Public health departments had to monitor this issue closely when regulations were finalized.


The 1 person infrared sauna addresses cleanliness issues through an individualized sauna approach. This concept works by limiting the number of sauna users. In this case, the sauna can only accommodate 1 or 2 persons at a time. Because of the lesser number of sauna users, cleaning and disinfecting the area between intervals is easier.


The 2 person infrared sauna further enriches fun at the sauna through a shared experience. It provides a more carefree environment for enjoyment. With a shared approach, the sauna offers the comforts of privacy limited to pairs.


Most people going to saunas like to share the experience with someone familiar. Privacy issues and personal space are thereby addressed in the 2 person infrared sauna. It recreates the warm experience of traditional sauna houses without much privacy issues.



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