Database For Mncs To Find Suitable Subcontractors In India

The demand for high-performing and economical auto component and footwear manufacturers is steadily rising in the global market. SPX India has compiled an organized data bank that assists MNCs in zeroing in on dependable Indian companies engaged in this field.

In todays world, the traditional automotive and the unconventional footwear industries are growing at a rapid pace. The demand of reliable subcontracting organizations that deliver high quality work at economical prices in the international market is tremendous. India has emerged as a destination for main-contracting companies, since the firms and labor present in the country are at par with the best and very cost effective. But, due to the plethora of similar companies present in the largest nation of the subcontinent, selecting best supplier in India can be a tedious task.

To sort through the numerous companies which are engaged in the auto component and footwear manufacturing in India, one needs to be patient and resourceful. Or, one can log onto the website of SPX India, where a database of more than 600 companies engaged in auto, leather and footwear industries can be found.

Moreover, the info bank includes the location, production capacity, quality level and infrastructure of each manufacturer listed on the site. This helps the international organizations in determining which companies are most suitable to satisfy its requirements. The data has been collected for the outsourcing data bank base from Pune, Gurgaon and Chennai.

The companies involved in manufacturing aftermarket spare part India can also be found on this database. The huge demand for high quality spare parts is huge in the global arena and the Indian companies possess the requisite infrastructure and manpower to cater to the requirements. Similarly, the footwear artificers in India are skilled at crafting leather and other material popular in the international market.

And, SPX India is expanding its database from 600 companies to 1,000 in order to provide the MNCs as many options as possible. The potential of this outsourcing data bank base Pune is being recognized and realized all over the world, with numerous MNCs finding suitable subcontractors in India by using the website.

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