Emr Technology Keeps Medicine In Sync

My wife is in the last stages of pregnancy and we have already been to the hospital once on a false alarm. When we arrived, it was about two in the morning and the nurse’s station was manned with the night crew. Not too surprisingly, there were already a number of couples checked into rooms, with one of them arriving just shortly before we did. We got checked in, signed some paperwork, and were ushered into a room where my wife was hooked up to a monitor to measure her contractions and the baby’s heartbeat. I expected to have to fill out sheets of paperwork while we were waiting, but to my surprise, they only asked for our identification and confirmed which clinic we had been visiting.

When the nurse came back, I asked her if there was anything more that she needed from us, and she said no; that the EMR had collected all of my wife’s information during her clinic visits and that all of that had been transmitted into their database. All she needed to do was confirm who we were, and all of the background information that they needed was readily available.

I thought about it for a minute and recalled that our doctor and the nurses at the OBGYN clinic carried what looked like PC tablets, and instead of taking down notes on a traditional notepad, everything was written or checked off on the tablet pad. From what the medical technician told me, all of that data was accessible by the hospital, streamlining the whole process and making it possible for them to include their input back to the clinic. That way, if they needed to call in our doctor, he would have the full assessment of my wife’s condition before he arrived and could advice the hospital remotely, or choose to come in to the hospital, as the case may be.

We were at the hospital under observation for a few hours, and my wife’s labor did not progress. We were sent home, but had our next prenatal scheduled for a little later that week. When we visited, our doctor had the full documentation from our hospital visit on his tablet, and was able to tell us that from everything he was seeing, we probably would deliver before our due date. That was very encouraging, and I was just as impressed with the way technology is being used to keep track of our baby.

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