HP Mini 5103

The HP Mini 5103 could possibly be the newest business-class netbook from Hewlett Packard. Physically it appears almost precisely such as the HP Mini 5101 and 5102 which precede it. The main distinction could possibly be the actuality that regardless of the actuality that in the US the netbook is only obtainable within a brand brand new dim brown “espresso” color. below the hood, the HP Mini 5103 has each of the matters that developed those people earlier models specific — as well as several new options.

First up, the netbook arrives normal receiving a 7200RPM difficult drive, a difficult generate sensor which stops the generate from spinning regardless of the actuality that in the event of the fall to keep away from damage, a battery receiving a built-in LED to allow you learn how very much energy you have left, and an all-metal circumstance developed of aluminum and magnesium alloy.

The HP Mini 5103 may be also the very first HP netbook obtainable receiving a dual primary Atom N550 processor, regardless of the actuality that it will be also obtainable with one primary Atom N455 or N475 CPU options. The product HP sent me to evaluation also has several other premium options, such as a 1366 x 768 pixel HD display, a capacitive touchscreen, a Broadcom Crystal HD movement image accelerator, 2GB of memory, and glass windows 7 Professional.

While the bottom product in the HP Mini 5103 runs $ 399, those people options all include in the direction of price, and I suspect the equipment featured on this evaluation would probable run properly much more than $ 600, offered that HP will not be providing all these options jointly within just one “smart buy” configuration. The touchscreen alone, for instance, would advertising price $ 50 extra.


For probably the most part, the HP Mini 5103 is physically identical in the direction of HP Mini 5102 I reviewed several weeks ago, so portions in the design and design part with this evaluation may possibly appear familiar. Physically, the only distinction could possibly be the actuality the fact that new product ships regardless of the actuality that in the US within a brand brand new “espresso” brown color, which could be dim adequate getting mistaken for dark from some angles. The sides in the individual computer and area near to the display are black, however the relaxation is dim brown.

There’s a brushed aluminum complete concerning the lid, regardless of the actuality the fact that magnesium alloy chassis such since the palm relaxation area capabilities a matte, smudge-resistant finish.

Even although the laptop computer has an all-metal case, it is just as lighting as most 10 inch netbooks that are covered in plastic. It just feels sturdier.

With a 4 cellular battery and normal display, the HP Mini 5103 actions 10.3″ x 7.1″ x 0.9″ and weighs about 2.6 pounds. include a touchscreen also it will get only a tiny thicker, and include a 6 cellular battery as well as the laptop computer obtains only a tiny thicker and heavier.

The HP Mini 5103 also appears a touch bulkier, many thanks to its boxy design. regardless of the actuality the fact that corners in the netbook attribute a rounded design, the edges certainly are a touch sharp.

There’s just one entry panel concerning the bottom in the netbook which you can use to replace or upgrade memory. HP has devised a nifty method for letting you do this without receiving a screwdriver. You merely push the two switches holding the battery in area to cut back the battery. Push them once more as well as the RAM entry panel front door opens up.

You might not really should entry the memory space slot all that often, but this attribute may allow it to be very much simpler for educational amenities or companies that purchase the mini-laptop in bulk to upgrade the memory space of many laptops at when without receiving dealing with tiny screws that are effortless to lose.

Around the sides in the individual computer you will locate three USB ports, a VGA port, Ethernet jack, mic and headphone jacks, and an SDHC card slot.

At the entrance in the individual computer there’s a change that you just can slide to toggle the netbooks wireless modules on and off.

And above the keyboard there’s a energy key and two dedicated shortcut keys for launching the default internet browser and e mail applications. You also can use these buttons to begin HP’s fast start app that lets you fill a internet browser or e mail app without receiving very first waiting for glass windows to boot. There’s also a brand brand new app that lets you look at your Outlook calendar regardless of the actuality that in the fast boot screen.

Some in the design and design factors that make the HP Mini 5102 stand out regardless of the actuality that in the netbook crowd aren’t visible. For instance, there’s the 7200rpm difficult drive, which could be appreciably speedier compared to 5400rpm difficult drives found out in most netbooks. HP also provides a substantial basic performance strong condition disk choice for that HP Mini 5102, regardless of the actuality that that configuration choice drives up the advertising price dramatically.

HP Mini 5103

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