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With the wireless network and wireless products, more and more users create a wireless network at home so they can at home and bring wireless network anywhere to enjoy the happiness, but often because the layout of the room has wall caused by such factors as the thickness of the wireless signal coverage is not satisfactory, then we have any way to extend wireless signal coverage area it launched?

The past, we introduced a lot of small tips, but these skills can only play a supporting role and not be able to play a decisive result, today introduced the wireless mode by setting the WDS method but can we actually get the signal Expansion and strengthening.

First, what is WDS wireless mode?
WDS his full name WirelessDistributionSystem, the wireless distributed system. Wireless applications in the past, he is helping wireless base stations and wireless base station communication link between the systems.

Applications in the home is slightly different, WDS function is to act as a wireless network repeater, wireless router by opening WDS function, let the wireless signal can be extended to cover wider and larger range. Bluntly, WDS is that you can make the wireless AP or wireless router for bridging between a wireless (relay), while in the process of relay does not affect the results of its wireless coverage capabilities. So that we can use two wireless devices, allowed to set up WDS between the relationship of trust and communication to the wireless network coverage extends to more than double the original, has greatly facilitated our wireless Internet access.

Second, under what circumstances you can use the WDS wireless mode?
General home use a wireless router are not very good when the vast majority of cases, after all, most of the family home, structure and layout are not square-shaped, the corner of the wall would adversely affect wireless signal transmission effect .

Instance, some two-bedroom home area of 100 square meters, but when the wireless device into the living room balcony when the study would not receive any signal not only to move to the dining area laptop to connect to home wireless network. This problem of inadequate signal strength has affected the use of the author.

Light of this situation we can extend through the WDS wireless mode to wireless signal coverage, to enhance the signal intensity.

Third, the smooth realization of what kind of preparation needed WDS wireless mode?
Of course, extend wireless signal coverage of the WDS is not casually achieved, he needs to support our equipment.

General WDS is built based on the two wireless devices, and devices through a wireless signal as the signal relay device to achieve the purpose of the extension. Therefore, we need to have two wireless AP or wireless router, also need to ensure that at least two wireless devices have a wireless distributed system to support WDS function.

Course, many wireless players have their own wireless devices to refresh the system firmware or DD-WRT into TOMATO drive.

Refresh TOMATO or DD-WRT driver can see the article:
This one extends the capabilities of wireless devices, but also the other WDS relay for the establishment of wireless networks make ample preparations. Because whether or DD-WRT TOMATO firmware, they support WDS function perfectly, and can set up and configure the parameters are very much more to help us establish WDS relay wireless networks.

Course, not only these two products will be able to use firmware WDS function, the specific settings we need to check whether to support the product description or ask your local dealer.

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