2009ibm Suning Strategic Cooperation Seminar: Record 2

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Finally, I conclude with this page I share with you the content, today we see that

Suning We have strong brand that we have independent operations, our independent market position, we have a good vendor relationship, but in support of such a company behind a company’s high-level vision and sagacity, and the second is based on the information system for the basic path of wisdom retail. The third day we saw four years, such as perseverance, Suning has created what we call today a global retail best practice wisdom.

We have been talking about the previous decade or two, we learn from the West to learn advanced Western management methods and management techniques, I believe that China’s enterprises, went away for three decades, when today, also to We tell China that the management of time, so that we see today in the wisdom of retail, the retail industry, our practice has been called Suning a global retail industry, one of the best practice. We all know that we Apr. 1, 2006 How much we? 128 on-line retail stores at the same time when the worldwide information system is a feat. None of several companies, no matter how big, how much lead is not such a special experience. So, Suning has become the wisdom of our global retail industry best practices, we are honored with Suning gone through four or five years of ups and downs, IBM as a partner of Chinese enterprises in transition, and Su Ning will continue to go on, we are willing to through ways and all of you, with our colleagues continue to share our experience, thank you.

Sun set: Dr. Xie Xiebai. Dr. Bai earlier reports, the development of our Suning and development models have more in-depth understanding, then we enter the dialogue on the link below, we first have requested Suning’s Sun Zong, IBM Feng general, Dr. Bai and become a teacher came to power .

Veterans welcome ladies and gentlemen, welcome to participate in this dialogue session, time is not that great, and today we are discussing this topic, this innovative first, Suning wisdom model, this sounds a bit philosophical meaning, there is a strong practice means that it can be much to say about a half-day discussion, Suning years of development, the road is very twisty, which I believe the Sun is always the best feelings, feelings of most, when we look these outsiders, the Suning today is really very beautiful, this shop more than 900, and soon had 1,000 stores nationwide, in 12 cities have a very good store Suning, especially in today’s economic crisis bad situation, Suning in profits the still growing, and profits are growing, the number is growing sales in the leading peer inside. We listen to in the preceding time Suning Suning described the situation of teachers, I find it very amazing and is a very good story, I would first like to ask Sun Zong, Chinese enterprises, we see that reform and opening up three decades, we see the rapid expansion of many companies, fast burst, as they quickly built up sand collapse as missing, we did know a lot of well-known enterprises have already gone, Suning after so many years if the development has been very strong, as if Tali and physical health go down first go, right? So I ask Sunzong such a problem, a course of development in Suning, probably can be attributed to several stages, then walked a few steps today’s most critical, is how a few determined under? How the grasp of a few links? Then get a situation today, such a performance, you feel what the main ideas? Tell us about.

Panel Discussion Sun People: First of all, I think, as a development of our business is not rough, it is not plain sailing, in general, changes in the environment Ye Hao, business growth Ye Hao, is a homeopathic development, then the development of enterprise stage, too far to say that we are too far away.

Sun set: said recently, do not say things too far.

Sun People: The situation in recent years, in fact, nearly a decade, I have not seriously thought about what stage in the end, but can be said that the process of development, there are some, there are two very critical turning point of the problem The first turning point in our direction from the establishment of the national chain to become our true national chain of network architecture, at this stage, the first stage should be said that in 1999, 2000 and 2005, we established this company in Wuhan, logo our framework of a national chain of network success, including our 2004 listing of what this stage to solve the problem? Solve a fundamental problem is that we start to have a strong faith engage in national chain, but my suppliers, including the community, he does not necessarily say that it must be able to become, but when we went in 2005 probably have become, this is a stage.

Second phase, from 2005 onwards, we recognize that, since we can establish a national chain network, as Dr. Bai said, China’s market potential and future opportunities are enormous, so we can not real time from inside the longer term, to grasp the future and the future economic growth of the market share a common problem, this time the second phase is what we truly want to build a big business administration.

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