How Electronic Medical Records Can Save You Time, and Maybe Your Life!

“Electronic Medical Records – another direction”

The emerging industry of Electronic Medical Records, EMR’s has, and will continue to take center stage in the media, government roundtables and social circles. Even as we talk about the down turn economy, one of our hopeful saviors is said to be the field of EMR – the conversion of medical records will not only create jobs, it will reduce the cost of medical services and potentially save lives! Everyone wins. The efficiencies of a system that can reduce time spent and accuracy of accessing records for all medical staff can only benefit us all.

However, this breakthrough is not with out is obstacles. The cost of such a system is staggering, (welcome stimulus money). Also, doctors and other medical staff would have to be trained on the new system, and time is a resource that is already scarce in the medical field.

Another issue is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). The Office for Civil Rights enforces the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which protects the privacy of patient health information. All healthcare providers, health organizations, and government health plans that use, store, maintain, or transmit patient health care information are required to comply with privacy regulations.


With all the issues being discussed regarding EMR’s, the most obvious answer to addressing any of the concerns is as simple as it is effective:

“Individuals should take control of the most important life saving information – their medical records”.

It should NOT be the doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals or medical staff that has access and control of the records that individuals need 24/7. We the people, responsible individuals for our well being and the well being of our families should control who has access to our records and when.

How is this done? There is a web-based system, no gadgets, flash drives or mini CD’s that can be lost or damaged in an accident, (or may not be up to date). Records can be accessed and controlled by the individual; everything from blood type to healthcare proxy is available. MyMedEchange is a full service electronic medical records company that offers many plans to different individuals and groups. Contact Gary Anzalone at:

Zane Hellman not only writes about MyMedExchange, but is also a member of it. To learn more about MyMedEXchange and how electronic medical records can help you, please visit

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