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Customer database is in a way a luxury of having your customer’s data at your fingertips. In normal day to day business work cycle, there might be some situation that warrants handling to numerous tricky circumstances. It is at this crucial juncture, easy availability of related information can help you plug in many loopholes and take corrective measures. Depending upon types and number of customers, your customer data too is likely to keep changing. So when you, for instance, launch a new product into market, you can conveniently keep a close vigil on sales figure, in which area demand is comparatively more, frequency of orders received, what are specific customer grievances, etc. Monitoring these simple aspects at times can act wonders for success of your new product or service. A normal database of a customer would generally comprise of fields such as , name of the entity, address, type of customer – wholesaler or retailer, frequency of orders, any outstanding amount due from customer, relevant income tax details, to name a few.

Ready availability of information of user database, also adds credence to your efforts to scan few important data pertaining to your business. You can easily generate this database by simply integrating collected data records and information from various files that are available with you. When you succeed in amassing such database, it will give you required flexibility needed to make use of different user application programs. There are basically two type of models followed to create such database namely, network model or relational model. When you follow any one of these two methods, you get freedom of storing and retrieving data in a structured way. To store data, you can make use of technique of allowing users and other software to record vital data.

Have you ever heard any of these programs named MyKeyDb, EasySQLite 2, EasyCalc, myMDB, myDBF 3, Comma Works etc? You will be surprised to know, these are basically some examples of database programs. Besides, if you are carrying an e-commerce or online trading business venture, a database program called IP database has added new dimensions in the way e-commerce and online trading business is done globally. Its ability to identify IP address of a client or a website is laudable.

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