Super-fast Ibm Ts2350 Lto-5 Tape Drive, Designed Specifically For Lto5 Ultrium Backup Tapes

The business world has become more intelligent, and instrumented. In todays interconnected environment, where backup storage demands have gone sky-high, smarter organization strive to archive & store their data efficiently, while reducing the I.T costs. The data administrators have to ensure regulatory compliance, robust data security and in-time data availability when its required.

LTO ultrium tape format optimizes the increasing storage requirements at a greater value. IBM, the co-founder of LTO technology, continues to lead the backup tape industry. The latest generation IBM LTO-5 tape technology has been carefully engineered to handle the demanding cost requirements and massive data growth with rock solid reliability. IBM LTO5 is an excellent tape solution for mid-sized to large scale organizations, network servers, data mining, large databases, government agencies and information-intensive IT environments.

IBM TS2350 full-height LTO5 drive delivers exceptional reliability and super-fast transfer rate of 140MB/sec (un-compressed). IBM TS2350, LTO-5 drive reduces the operational and maintenance costs, making it the most economical choice for budget-conscious organizations. IBM LTO-5 tapes part number is 46X1290, which can accommodate 3 TB compressed data. Massive capacity of IBM LTO-5 tape helps to sharply reduce the costs associated with data-center space, maintenance and I.T staff, because you will need fewer storage tapes to handle voluminous data.

Industrys foremost backup tape specialists are manufacturing LTO products. The other premier quality LTO5 ultrium tape cartridges are 16008030 (Fuji LTO 5), 229323 (Maxell LTO-5), C7975A (HP LTO5), 61857 (TDK LTO-5), LTX1500G (Sony LTO-5), MR-L5MQN-01 (Quantum LTO5) and 27672 (Imation LTO-5). IBM LTO tape cartridges are ideal for long term data security. Part numbers of IBM LTO ultrium tapes are 08L9120, 08L9870, 19P5887, 96P1203, 24R1922, 95P4450, 95P4436 and 95P4437.

IBM LTO5 tape devices offer highest reliability and exceptional compatibility that your IT infrastructure demands. Additionally, they also provide support for other vital requirements like fast data accessibility, uninterrupted backups, and high-speed data searching. 6 GB/s SAS host-interface allows the users to install IBM TS2350, LTO-5 drive in a broadest range of open system servers.

LTO-5 ultrium tape generation adds dual media-partition functionality that facilitates the customers to use tape system just like a disk-based storage format. All you have to do is drag & drop the data files, thus resulting in superior cost-effectiveness, reliable backup operations and higher recording performance. IBM TS2350 drive is backward compatible with LTO4 and LTO3. The LTO3 tape media is read compatible, while on the other hand LTO-4 ultrium tape media is fully write-read compatible.

Now your data will be safe even if the tape cartridge is lost. IBM LTO5 ultrium tape solution features highly reliable and robust data encryption mechanism. Data will be stored in encrypted form, thus providing the data administrators complete peace of mind. IBM LTO5 tape products can withstand the pressure of increased workloads and deliver outstanding media performance under unfavorable working conditions. IBM LTO-5 ultrium tapes are compatible with other LTO-5 drive brands as well, which secures your tape investment.

IBM LTO-5 is a green storage solution that empowers the users to address the increasing storage demands at an affordable price. Product and software names mentioned throughout this article are trademarks and are sole property of their owners.

Rob Miller is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets IBM LTO-5 Tape and Fuji LTO-5 16008030 Tape. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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