The benefits of removing duplicated data from your database

Duplicated data should be a concern for all businesses. Having a complete and accurate view of your database will allow you to have a clear and single view of your contact database. Duplicate data is a common problem for any organisation, often causing issues and many operational challenges. As such, there are plenty of advantages to be had from taking the right steps to identify and remove this duplicate data.

Data deduplication is a process that identifies and removes duplicate data from a database. Many businesses choose to take the time to identify duplicate records and remove them from their databases as well as attempt to prevent duplicates entering in the first place. Data deduplication is considered to be cost beneficial in all areas of the business, including marketing and customer service.

However, the benefits of undergoing data deduplication are not only financial. As previously mentioned, marketing costs can be greatly reduced through data deduplication efforts. Many business decisions are made through analysing your customer record base. Analysis and correct understanding of your contact base will be affected if your database contains duplicate records.

The way customers perceive your business can also be improved through data deduplication strategies. For example, no customer is ever going to be impressed if they receive two separate letters or emails from you any time you send something out to your mailing list. With duplicated data removed from your system, you won’t need to worry about this happening. Also, by making sure that you aren’t sending out duplicate mailings, you’ll be ensuring that your business is environmentally friendly, which is another bonus.

By undergoing the process, you’ll also be able to improve your data quality by maintaining an accurate, single customer view, which will allow you to make proper, well-informed business decisions. It can also help you to save time – any time spent previously entering duplicate contact records can be used on other business practices. It can speed up the service provided by your business systems and the removal of duplicated data will allow them to work faster.

With effective data management systems in place, companies can also avoid one of the potential pitfalls of data deduplication – whereby unique data may have been removed in the belief that it was duplicated. Thanks to the continuing evolution of data deduplication methods, the technology has overcome the obstacle of dealing with data that is stored in unusual or alien formats that differ greatly from how they were originally written, with modern systems being adept at preserving the integrity of data.

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