E-Prescribing Through EMR Software

One of the greatest advantages of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software is that of the e-prescription feature. Certified EMR programs (or certified HER programs) can integrate with e-prescriptions, which can increase your income while also helping to maintain more accurate records. What is an e-prescription?

This refers to computer-generated prescriptions that you can print out and send directly to your patients or pharmacy. Instead of having to write out prescriptions on a piece of paper you simply enter it into the EMR system. The prescription then travels from your office to the pharmacy’s computer. This is done through a private, secure and closed network to ensure that the information is never just sent over the Internet or through email, sources which may be compromised.

The benefits of using EMR software for e-prescriptions include less waiting time by the patient, which will in turn increase the patient’s satisfaction and loyalty to your office. You no longer have to worry about legibility, as EMR systems have advanced handwriting and speech recognition features. The pharmacist won’t even be dealing with your handwriting, as he will be receiving all prescription information via computerized message. Using EMR medical software is also the more economic choice, as it will help you to streamline your business and pass the savings onto your customers.

Currently, over 75% of all pharmacies in the country accept e-prescriptions. Moreover, in the year 2009 and in the upcoming 2010, practices that use a qualified electronic prescribing system are eligible to earn a bonus payment of 2% of the total allowed charges through Medicare Part B. Using certified EMR medical billing software you will have access to e-prescribing features. You will be able to experience dramatic gains in enhanced productivity, additional income and reduction of time and monetary expenses.

The average physician spends an estimated $ 15,000 a year on nothing in particular-and it all results from using a paper file system or a basic computer record system. Using an EMR system with e-prescribing capabilities enables to you take advantage of e-prescription programs along with increased bonus payments made possible by PQRI (Physician Quality Reporting Initiative).

EMR practice management software simplifies the prescription process, protecting you legally as well as helping you financially. You will be surprised at how much more efficient your office works thanks to a comprehensive electronic document management system. Remember that you can modify and add customized features for your practice as you need them, and you don’t have to be a computer expert to make these changes.

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