Maqui Berry Burn Review

The superberry to take the world by storm in 2009 is called the maqui berry. The reason it will be super popular is because it has the most antioxidants of any fruit. It has the highest ORAC (antioxidant value) of any fruit in the world by over twice as much. In case you didn’t know, ORAC is the leading third party site to do independent honest reviews of antioxidant levels.

The maqui is still less popular then its competitor acai. This is because the acai was discovered by Oprah far before the maqui was discovered. As more people learn about maqui, more people start buying it. It won’t take long before the world knows about it.

The Acai berry is the most popular berry on the market today. The main reason is because it was featured on many TV channels, news stations, and most importantly, Oprah. Oprah’s widespread fame made this the hottest thing in 2008 and now millions of people add it to their daily diet.

The maqui berry isn’t popular like acai yet. However the maqui berryies power is making it more popular every day. However if Oprah mentions it you will surely hear about it on your favorite news sites every day.

The most important thing this berry can do is it will help you lose weight. Losing weight is on the top of many peoples to-do list, so this berry in a pill form can help you for very little effort on your part. Just pop a pill every day and live longer and start losing weight.

In a study on mice the mice ran longer which means they have more energy. The weird part is that they were identical mice in every way its just the ones who eat maqui had over 2 times as much energy. Can you imagine doubling your daily energy without changing anything besides taking a second to drink a pill?

The maqui berry ORAC-H level per 100g is 27,600. Compare that to the super powerful 2nd place acai berry which has only 16,700. An average blueberry is only 6500, and that is thought to be a fruit on the super healthy end!

The maqui berry can help you detox your body to increase your overall health. The best way to detox your body is by using natural products like the maqui berry. It flushes your body from harmful waste products to make your body in tip top sexy condition! Every one in the world could benefit from adding maqui berry supplements to their diet.

This post talks about how incredible the Maqui Berry is. You can also read our maqui berry burn review to grab your own free sample now.

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