You Can Use EMR to Streamline Your Clinical Workflow

You may have heard of electronic medical records software before, but you may not have realized just how many benefits this programming can bring you. EMR incentives are vast and include just as many opportunities to profit as there are to save money. Best of all, EMR software can be used to streamline your clinical workflow. How so? You can save time and money taking advantage of these benefits.

Electronic medical record software let’s you access records from any location at any time. This is known as portability in today’s business age. Years ago, you had to store all files on diskette or CD/DVD disc, and there was always the risk of data damage. With online storage via EHR software, you can access patient data any time, anywhere and via any computer capable of connecting to the Internet. Furthermore, the best electronic health record software also provides an off-line working mode where you can continue tracking appointments, scheduling tasks, and searching/updating other records so your office can keep working. As soon as Internet connectivity returns, your system updates and you are on your way.

Another benefit of an EMR system is an integrated patient portal. This is an online system that communicates with your customers via the Internet. This type of system lets patients access information, submit refill requests, change appointments, write messages and perform other miscellaneous tasks that do not merit face-to-face meetings. This can help to improve patient loyalty and compliance, while also helping you to find new business.

Electronic health records software also helps you manage your time thanks to features like adaptive learning. The software can actually remember data you entered in for treatment, documentation, lists, prompts and other criteria. This can help make your record keeping more accurate, much faster, and more time-efficient.

Electronic document management is another benefit worth noting. Document and image management refers to the ability your system has to scan and read documents and then convert all of this data to standardized data. The system should also have the capacity to attach documents and images with just the click of a button. This helps to save time and preserve the accuracy of your records.

Last but not least, web-based EMR software allows you to integrate your system with voice recognition and handwriting recognition. This way you can quickly provide a signature or handwritten note rather than spend minutes on end typing in information. This way you can access medical records in just as many seconds as it takes to speak to the computer.

See how advanced technology can help you to streamline your clinical workflow today!

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