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Selected Brocade Ethernet network BrocadeNet Iron MLX Series Router Solutions Through the deployment of its core network, build a flexible and scalable converged networks … …

2009 11 16, Brocade announced that Shanghai Jiao Tong University (hereinafter referred to as the Shanghai Jiaotong University) selected Brocade Ethernet network BrocadeNetIronMLX Series router solution, the core network through the deployment of flexible and scalable integrated building network, the effective protection of the school’s current network resources to meet the changing needs of teaching laid a solid foundation.

Shanghai Jiaotong University was founded in 1896, consists of 20 branch, a total of six campuses, 14 national key laboratories and National Engineering Research Center. With the increasing number of students, teaching and research facilities, upgrade, Shanghai Jiaotong University needed a reasonable cost to support multiple network types of advanced networking solutions, will integrate various campus services into a single solution to minimize operation and maintenance management pressure. Meanwhile, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University also hoped that the solution to increase the number of students, teaching needs change, to the greatest degree of flexibility to expand. After a series of study assessment, Shanghai Jiaotong University ultimately decided to use Brocade’s NetIronMLK, hope to use it to build a stable, reliable and cost-effective networking solutions.

According to the status quo of Shanghai Jiaotong University and demand, through the deployment of BrocadeNetIronMLX-8 router to create a single platform, providing IPv4/IPv6 and MPLSVPN services as well as advanced Layer 2 switching functions. Supports IPv4/IPv6 Education System Server On the Web, Electronic E-mail and other common applications. MPLS can be in charge of billing system of schools, financial systems and medical systems network connection between multiple departments to isolate and to provide effective protection. At the same time, IPv6 can be used to ensure adequate IP address this can also support ChinaNationalIPv6 field test, and IPv6 server HD video, voice and other applications.

BrocadeNetIronMLX-8 router deployment, so that teachers and students and administrative staff can ease through the high-performance network Visit Need a variety of critical applications. IT Departments can easily view sFlow network traffic of different services and activities to effectively monitor the entire campus network security policy is a violation of the behavior and traffic there. NetIronMLX to multiple services into a unified network platform, the logical and virtual network service integration, without any performance degradation and instability, significant cost savings in expenditure and operation and maintenance costs, the need to Shanghai Jiao Tong University deployment of additional physical network, do not need to purchase multiple platforms to support different services. In addition, BrocadeNetIronMLX its compact design and high-density power router class lowest minimum heat dissipation characteristics, Shanghai Jiaotong University to help significantly reduce data center power, cooling and rack space costs.

Network Information Center, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Professor Wang Weinong deputy director, said: “Only Brocade to provide a solution that will help us to different network services and value-added services and integrate into a single platform without sacrificing performance. We can In a large number of routers support OSPF domain, and to speed up the integration of large flat network speed. This means that the network can tolerate different levels of failure without affecting the high-level application services. Now, our network more scalable, and more reliable. ” Sam Lo, General Manager, Greater China

Brocade, said: “Brocade has entered China with the country’s educational and research institutions have always maintained a broad Cooperation Relations. Shanghai Jiaotong University is the oldest and most influential one comprehensive university, but also bear a lot of state-level research tasks. The Brocade can help the smooth realization of Shanghai Jiaotong University IPv4 to IPv6 migration, will enable the future development of Shanghai Jiaotong University to seize the initiative, more competitive. ”

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