Hp Mini 210 Review

The 10.5 x 6.9 x 1.1-inch Mini 210 resembles the business-centric Mini 5102 additional than its consumer-focused predecessor, the Mini 110. And that is a compliment. The 210 has precisely the very same island-style keys since the 5102, but has softer, rounded edges with one another with a chassis reminiscent belonging toward HP Envy line. The Silver Crystal lid manages to acquire shiny not finding looking overly glossy, also it does not choose up fingerprint smudges. in contrast to the 5102, a faint silver imprint complete adorns equally the lid and underside, producing for just about any smooth, unified, and stylish lookwith one large exception.

The optional six-cell battery juts out underneath, raising the netbook up about 0.8 inches and slightly marring the sleek profile. We favor it when batteries are flush using the system, as Toshiba was in a location to acquire using the mini NB305. The gentle downward slope produces for protected typing, but can restrict the usable viewing assortment belonging toward show based on how you utilize the netbook. The locks that preserve the battery in place also felt somewhat insecure. Twice we went to pull the Mini 210 from our bag and found out the fact that battery was slipping away from its housing.

A 0.8-inchthick glossy bezel surrounds the flush decanter or wineglass display, kicking back again reflections constantly. The deck is primarily matte, except for the spaces between the keys.


As we authored this evaluation we noted the fact that Mini 210 obtained noticeably warm underneath, also it experienced been unpleasant to preserve it on our lap even using the gap supplied with the battery. best suited after actively playing a Hulu clip at complete display for 15 minutes, the temperatures between the G and H keys reached 99 degrees Fahrenheit, the touchpad was 98 degrees, as well as the center belonging toward underside measured 93 degrees. The hottest place was inside the left with the vent, which obtained as an awesome offer as 110 degrees. We consider into account something above 105 to acquire a deliver about for concern.

Keyboard and Touchpad

Heres an illustration in which we are glad a laptop maker borrowed pattern factors away from your team part belonging toward house. such as the Mini 5102, the island-style keys belonging toward Mini 210 possess a rubber-like matte coating that supplied a pleasant tactile feel. as a complete result of its almost edge-to-edge footprint, the keyboard felt good and roomy, and we experienced been in a location to accomplish our common typing percentage and error percentage best suited away. We appreciated the snappy return, proper placement, and sizing belonging toward keys, even along the edges.

As with other HP systems, the purpose keys along the best row are reversed to ensure that consumers have one-touch entry to multimedia controls, volume, brightness, the wireless toggle, and more.

Generally speaking, we are not fans of touchpads with integrated touch buttons, however the Mini 210 is between the much better implementations weve employed on the netbook. The 3.1 x 1.8-inch clickpad fills up as an awesome offer vertical space as possible, jutting best suited up toward the keyboard above it. We encountered merely a tiny additional resistance than wed like when navigating the desktop, however the integrated buttons worked well, providing sturdy feedback. Nevertheless, we hold on to favor the discrete touchpad and buttons inside the Toshiba mini NB305.

Multitouch gestures experienced been smooth, although there arent really a few previous two-finger scroll and pinch-to-zoom. When typing, we do not can be found throughout ourselves accidentally brushing the touchpad (even although it is so near toward keys), but consumers prone to this dilemma can adjust the sensitivity using the computer mouse components or double tap the dot inside the upper left corner to disable the touchpad altogether.

Display and Audio

The 10.1-inch displays 1366 x 768-pixel resolution meant additional display real-estate compared to common netbook resolution of 1024 x 600, however it also left us squinting at some dialogue bins and articles. On blog.laptopmag.com, for example, we experienced to zoom in one level to look at some posts comfortably.

Viewing angles experienced been adequate when we streamed an episode of Leverage from TNT.com, but through dim scenes we saw some coloring distortion at additional severe angles. below fluorescent lights the reflections away from your glossy display experienced been distracting, although in dim lighting the dilemma went away. Horizontal angles experienced been great adequate for two people to timepiece film part by side. Vertical angles experienced been also acceptable. through non-video use, viewable vertical angles are wider, but consumers may possibly uncover that colours on sites appear a touch washed out unless you push the display back.

Audio was amazing for just about any netbook. although the bass collection in Superchicks One lady Revolution was weak, the Mini 210 was in a location to hold out audio tracks finding a combine of high- and mid-range instruments and vocals not finding distortion. using the total amount at fifty percent, we experienced been in a location to fill merely a tiny room, and we could listen to the strings in John Barrowmans include of All away from Love obviously at just 70 % finding a high-powered buff operating using the background.

HP Mini 210 Review

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