Rajasthan Cuisines Laziz Bhi Aziz Bhi

Rajasthan is famous worldwide for rich culture and heritage, and for its rich tradition of cuisines. In ancient times there were cook known as Khansamas in each palace for the maharajas.

It has been said that the royal kitchens of Rajasthan raised the preparation of food to the level of a sublime art. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Khansamas in state palaces use to keep their most prized recipe secret; while others were passed on to; their descendants and the rest were passed on as skills to the chefs of semi States and the branded hotels of Rajasthan.

The roots of Rajasthani cuisines lie in the lifestyle of the medieval Rajasthan. The food served in Rajasthan is quite rich and heavy due to changing seasons, from scorching heat to a nail-biting cold with monsoon season. Edible items that can be used for several days were focused more, like achaars. These are used as substitute and can be eaten without heating. Art of cooking also had impact of water and fresh green vegetables. Use of less water and much of ghee, oil, butter, and spices make the food distinctive from rest of the cuisines.

Rajasthani food is brilliantly red, full of spices, cooked in ghee and homemade spices. Although Rajasthan is famous for its all kind of food but the specialty is the Dal-Bati, i.e. wheat and cereal powder cooked into churma sweetened and lentils. At every destination, you will get different delicacies, like, Mawa Kachori from Jodhpur, Alwar ka Mawa, Malpuas of Pushkar, Rasogullas of Bikaner, Jaipur Ghevar are few of them.

There is a lot for non-vegetarians also. You can get varieties of mutton delicacies around. In earlier times, the maharajas use to eat dish named as Junglee Maas, which was brought in from hunt and was simply cooked in pure ghee, salt and plenty of red chilies. Only the men use to cook non-vegetarian dishes in early times.

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