An Insight Into The Latest Java Application Technologies

Java does enjoy immense amount of popularity and we at Aegis specialize in using Java application development to create a diverse array of Java applications. These applications are designed to cater to specific needs and requirements of our customers and eventually meet their business goals and objectives. It is a known fact that Java is used across a spectrum of industries as it offers a suite of powerful features. There are innumerable Java tools that are upgraded to the latest versions frequently and new tools and applications are developed frequently to help create powerful and effective applications. Oracle does offer a range of leading Java technology products that have the power to drive ones business and create a larger impact. Some of the most recent products and technologies that were introduced by Oracle and are used by our team of developers to create effective and efficient products are as follows:

JRockit: This particular product from Oracle Java is a family of Java SE runtime solutions. Oracle JRocket allows companies to deliver high level of performance even amid challenging business environments by offering real-time computing infrastructure for the first time.

Java FX: This is one of the ideal Java application development software to develop applications enriched with a suite of diverse features. Based on the core foundation of the Java platform, Java FX does offer a blend of unmatched performance, versatility and an extensive suite of features for developers to capitalize on. Our team of expert programmers adeptly uses Java FX to build all kinds of advanced client applications.

Oracle JDeveloper 11g: This is a comprehensive IDE that is meant specifically for Service-Oriented Architecture and enterprise application development. One of its main highlights is that it works well with all the major J2EE application servers and databases.

Oracle Java Wireless Client: This Java ME implementation offers a complete platform for mobile and wireless devices. It provides a suite of features that help in easy deployment of Java application solutions and thereby reducing the total time that it takes for the product to reach the market.

Java ME SDK: Java ME software development kit contains a fleet of tools that works across diverse Java ME platforms and it even allows deployment, debugging etc with its on-device tools. Our team of professionals at Aegis often utilizes this power packed software tool kit to create innovative Java application development as it also features easy-to-understand user interfaces. Offering a lightweight development environment, Java ME SDK does enable our developers to create robust and strong applications and it even speeds up the java development.

Java and Oracle Database: The Oracle database provides a fleet of technologies to facilitate Java developers in building strong and reliable databases for their Java applications. Some of the technologies that our team of highly qualified professionals uses to garner advantage in developing versatile Java solutions are JDBC drivers, SQLJ pre-compiler and runtime and JPublisher utility. The Oracle database for Java applications is aimed at providing a high level of performance, portability and security

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