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Ideally you want to align your personality with the work environment, which may result in you landing your ideal job. You see, your ideal job is all around personality. It might be said that you are attempting to align your own personality with the job personality. Since the 1950’s, when Carl Jung’s work becomes public, we have seen companies use Career personality tests. Employers spend millions of pounds every year because they have found that if you put the correct personality in the right occupation then you get superior outcomes.
Both employees and employers are happier if it is done right. Staff keeping is an important issue as churn is expensive both in terms of cash and emotion. A number of careers are more suitable to some folks than others. This is natural. It is more a case of compatibility. Match the individual with the job properly, using personality and everybody wins.
It is unlikely you will ever discover your ideal occupation without a little understanding of your personality type and it would involve a lot of hit and miss. We hence use a carrer test to better figure out who we actually are. Your career personality is a mystery you must resolve.
And don’t fret this is not the kind of exam you can pass of fail as you are who you are. It is not something you can drill to pass. Are you going to go in blind to your next interview? Don’t second guess what an employer may be studying about you. You have no excuse not to as there are lots of free career aptitude tests. Not all of them are beneficial however. So before you make your next career change try a career personality quiz and see what it says about you.
It doesn’t matter about your work experience or qualifications as they neglect all that. Skills and work experience are totally ignored.¬† career personality You can do them from aged 12 to 90.It is unwise to proceed with job hunting without first getting your hands on a personality report. Do not make the error that most people make and change jobs without thinking about your personality type. And the secret lays in knowledge your personality.

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