Internet Marketing Success – Building a Database List

List building is one of the most important tools of Internet marketing success. After creating a database of interested prospects you’ll have a ready base of customers to market to for each new product you create. How do you build a list? It’s pretty easy if you follow these steps.

First, you need a dedicated opt-in page to capture emails. This can be a single page website that offers a free report or a chapter of an ebook in exchange for an email address. One form of opt-in page is called a “squeeze page.” This a simple website that offers free information in exchange for an email to move onto the next page with the information. A “landing page” is one which someone gets to from a blog post, video link, article or any clickable link out. A landing page is a great opt-in tool, because the prospect has already received some information and is now interested in more.

An opt-in page should be very simple:

* Information targeted to the prospect. 
* Something for free to trade the email for. 
* An opt-in form without any other distractions or buttons. 
* “Teaser” information that encourages the prospect to want more.

Your opt-in form should be tied to a series of autoresponders that will deliver the promised free goodies, another that offers a product that they would be interested and another that could offer a special deal to encourage the sale. Autoresponders can be created with an email program that will also build and store all of your prospects information.

Successful Internet marketers call their database lists “gold.” Mainly because these lists of prospects are already targeted and more familiar with you and your business than just a random visitor to your website. If you haven’t yet started using list building for your business, now is the time to start. You can actually start building a list even while your products are still in development.

Whether your a newbie to Internet marketing or have been making money for years, there are always new updated techniques to creating an online business being discovered every day. Learn to make money with Alka Dalal, an expert internet marketer and public speaker for over 25 years.


Alka Dalal is an experienced internet marketer and fine artist that has been speaking to audiences for over 25 years about ways to increase their businesses.

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