Optimizing Business Database to Build Lifetime Customer Relationships

While no marketing method is a sure success, there will be higher chances that a business database is going to work well for your business. This is crucial no matter what form of business you are in.

An efficient database allows telemarketers to view the list of prospective customers in the most precise way possible.

Building a database gives you the opportunity to spend most of your time contacting the best customer for your business but you also need to look at how to generate new set of people that you can add to your target market.

What are the strategies you can do to make the most of your business database?

Call contacts on the list– Historically, database relies much on direct mail, then finally to telemarketing. Nowadays, making the most of your business can be achieved through the use of one of the most effective tool in generating revenue, the telephone. This may work best for your company. For example, you may initially call to “warm up” a prospect  then contact them and do a follow up phone and set an appointment.

Test, then create the list in large quantities– When setting up a contact database changing just a small variable can wildly and amazingly change results. Once you have identified a prospective customer that works for you already do the same things in larger quantities.

Capture new contacts– A business database is one of the best ways to build relationships with your customers. If you have plans of outsourcing ask the business database provider how many new and valid contacts do they capture and how often do they update their database. While most marketers don’t know the number off hand, they need to look it up and find it for you. Take note that 30 % of the businesses names become obsolete during any given year. You have a bucket that will soon dry out not until you keep filling it up with new businesses.


The best way to keep the bucket full is to keep updating the contact list with new names and contacts. When you are outsourcing make sure that the company can ensure constant updating of the list. Once you have an updated system or the provider has this your database will be rich with all the necessary contact details and information.

Create a dynamic transaction messages– A transaction message helps marketers encourage more sales. Instead of immediately promoting the product or services, telephone representatives can make a suggestion for future purchases or suggestions for a particular customer. While this may not ensure immediate closing of a sale your customers will be constantly reminded of the future purchases they could make.

A business database will really help you see the number of customers you have, who bought what and when. An efficient list of contact will help you achieve results you most needed, you will end up selling more products and build better customer relationships.

It is one of the most cost effective way to reach customers and keep them loyal. Invest in a list of contacts, look for a company who keeps serious attention in generating prospective customers, and will help in organizing the lead list for you. If you are successful in finding one, you can now begin to build life long customer relationships.


Alice Clark is a sales and marketing consultant specializing in business contact database management. Alice invites you to visit http://www.contactdb.com/ to learn more about business contact lists and databases.




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