Repair Access Database After Severe Corruption In Mdb Files

Access database corruption situation occurs when error message appears in the binary file format of MDB database file. This situation might consequently result in inaccessible database or inconsistent or abrupt behavior of Access database with appearance of random errors. Corruption of MDB database is quite common, but MS Access and Jet Database Engine resolve minor corruption issues in Access database during the normal use of reading/writing table data.

In most of the cases, Access database might just corrupt and you will never know anything about it. This situation might result as risky as corruption or damage often spreads and becomes worst as the time passes if the situation is not dealt nicely. There are number of reasons that result in Access database corruption.

Although, you can always stick to repair Access database software known as Kernel for Access repair, but still it is important to note the common reasons behind Access corruption.

The most common reasons that results in access database corruption are:

Failure of hardware- Common hardware failure issues that affect database integrity are network equipment and hard disks. Hard disks often suffer from bad sectors and these often result in corruption of MDB database and several other computer failures. Keep a close watch on all networking equipment and hard disk and keep these hardware stuff tested on routine basis so that you do not lose on your important data.

One thing that you must keep in mind here is that any hardware issue in your computer system might result in crash of application. Unfortunately, Jet database is prone to application crash as Jet works at a file system level and hence if your application crashes, Jet ends any writing process in progress instantly without finishing as compared to client server based model of SQL Server.

Software Clashes- If you have installed any third party plug-in for MS Access on your computer and you are using the same on your database then this might result in corruption of your database if these plug-ins are not devised cautiously. Certain plug-ins includes ActiveX controls. This happens because plug-ins is programs themselves and utilizes the memory space of MS Access for working that consequently results in application crashes.

Issues with JET software- JET database engine has altered for a limited period of time. Although, the engine today is working at a mature level but it took up several revisions and updates to the present version. Every version of Jet Engine is available with service packs and updates. Most of the time, database corruption occurs when a single database is shared between multiple users that have varied Jet service packs and updates installed. This is the result of minimal difference of MDB file versions and locking method. However, the newest version of Jet Engine software v4 is much enhanced for utilization.

Multi-user access- The Jet database engine is file-based and therefore to enable multiple users over network for sharing the same file, Jet engine utilizes a Lock file to synchronize databases read/write activities. But with certain network issues, the database is left in a suspect state and therefore needs repair prior to continuing. In majority of cases, the MDF database is left in suspect state but does not results in corruption. But further action on the database might leave the data in corruption situation.

All these reasons force you to repair Access database and retrieve data. However, there is no sure-shot way to assure you of Access data recovery. Hence rely on third party repair Access tool and repair Access database to restore your important MDB data.

The author of this article is an IT expert who comes across access data corruption and inaccessibility issues at a regular basis. Having the in-depth knowledge of Dos and Donts of repair access tool, he offers tips to repair access database

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