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In the previous articles, we have the opportunity to know about incredible records including the most tattooed person, the shortest living man, the stretchiest skin, the most pierced woman and so on. Today, let’s discover the world’s small as follows:


The smallest newborn baby

Born on September 19th 2004 by Caesarean section, Rumaisa Rahman was 23 cm long and weighed 0.2 kg. Rumaisa and her 0.6-kilo sister Hiba were delivered 14 weeks early because their mother was reported to suffer from high blood pressure. The twin was taken care of in an incubator of Chicago Hospital.


Rumaisa Rahman was declared to be the smallest living baby in the Guinness World Record Book


The smallest poisonous frog

The smallest poisonous frog measures 1 cm long. Its skin contains 200 times more toxic than morphine. Found in the wild on the western slopes of the Andes in Ecuador, it is now bred at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Portsmouth, Hampshire. It is said that when the frog grows up, it turns red with three greenish fluorescent stripes.


The smallest poisonous frog is sitting on the tip of a pencil


The smallest living man

A 24-year-old man called Edward Nino Hernandez has just been officially declared as the shortest living man by Guinness World Records. He is only 68.6 cm tall and weighs 10 kg. Like other Colombian men, Edward Nino Hernandez loves dancing Reggaeton, dreams of having his own car and wishes to explore the wide world. The previous record belonged to a Chinese 72.6-meter-tall man He Pingping who died on March 13th at the age of 21.


Nino is listed to be the shortest living man in the Guinness World Record Book 2011



The smallest horse

Einstein born at Tiz Miniature Horse Farm in Barnstead, New Hampshire is regarded to be the world’s smallest horse. When he was three months old, he was just 35 cm high and weighed 2.7 kg.


Dr. Rachel Wagner is Einstein’s co-owner


The smallest house

The smallest house Tumbleweed was designed by Jay Shafer. He works as an artist and architect. He usually designs tiny houses which is 4.6 m2 or 46m2 wide. Jay has been living in small well-furnished houses since 1997.


Jay Shafer poses in front of the world’s smallest house



The smallest bodybuilder

Aditya “Romeo” Dev, who measures 84 cm tall, is considered to be the smallest bodybuilder in the world. He is famous throughout Phagwara, India for his ability to lift two 1.5-kilo dumbbells despite the fact that he weights 9 kg. He looks small in appearance, but is a man of muscle.


Aditya “Romeo” Dev was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records in 2006 after intense three-month exercise.


The smallest prison

Situated on Sark Island of the English Channel, Sark Prison has enough room for two prisoners. It was built in 1856 and was recognized as the smallest prison in the world.


Currently, Sark Prison is still used for overnight stays.


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