When choosing a deck for your home, Professional Remodeling a composite decking contractor located in Fairfax, Northern Virginia reminds homeowners that one of the most important considerations make is the material which will be used to create your perfect deck. The options span over composite decking versus wood decking, however, not many homeowners realize the benefits of composite decking materials over wood decks.

Composite deck materials are often referred to as low maintenance. Since composite deck materials are synthetic and manmade, they have the ability to be much less maintenance than a traditional wood deck. Spills on composite decks can be easily cleaned up as opposed to wood decks. This makes entertaining on your deck more enjoyable and worry free. There is no splintering, rotting, or warping of the deck. In addition, there is no need to invest money in sanding and sealing the deck repeatedly  because composite decks often require only the occasional cleaning.

In addition, composite deck materials are resistant to pests which can normally destroy a beautiful wood deck. Composite decks will not have the same problems with termite as a wood deck may.

Wood decks also don’t have the ability to last very long under harsh weather elements and natural wear and tear. Composite decks have a longer shelf life and can last for years without needing an upgrade, additional building, or repair. Composite materials can be made to be much water resistant which makes them endurable even under wet weather conditions.

As far as aesthetics, composite decking material can add a uniform look to your entire deck. With wood decks, oftentimes there are natural variances in the wood color and grain, which is not a concern with composite decks.

Finally, in the recent interests of going green, composite decking is the environmentally friendly choice for decks. Composites are made from recycled materials including recycled plastics and wood scraps.  No trees are cut for the purposes of providing lumber on a composite deck. Therefore composite decking materials provide a good option for those homeowners who are adding to the eco-friendly nature of their homes.

This Deck Builder mentions that considering the guarantee on a composite deck is important despite of all these benefits. If the deck is not installed according to instructions, the composite material manufacturer may not stand up to its warranties on the material. The guarantee should also protect you from unusual and unexpected issues with composite decking materials.

The upfront cost of materials may be a little higher with composite over wood decking materials, but the aesthetic beauty, added value, and low maintenance makes composite decking materials a worthy choice over time.

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