Computer Network – Comprehensive View – Part 1

Wireless networks enable people to communicate, access to applications and information without wires. That means access to the freedom of movement and the ability to expand the applications in different areas of the building, or near the city anywhere in the world. People, for example, while in the house search in the Internet, they can search in quiet places away from the noise of children or the rioters in front of the television presence of the entire family. Wireless networks allow people to interact with e-mail or surf the Internet from anywhere they like.

Wireless networks exist around us for many years, in fact, is the early forms of radio communications by the use of Native American Leather Ox for radio contact by putting it on the fire and remove it in waves for sending smoke signals to the other over great distances. Also the use of light pulses carrying information between the ships by Morse code which still form important contacts. kind of cellular telecommunications is common today for talks with some people across the world.

Introduction to concepts:

Wireless networks play a crucial role in people’s lives, whether at home or at work or in public areas. The objective is simple networks to provide wireless communication between users and information sources without the use of wires. It is necessary to address the basic concepts of wireless networks by understanding how to operate. This chapter provides a full definition of wireless networks and how users use them in a variety of applications.

wireless communications systems are for many but the characteristic feature of wireless networks, said it was investigating the communication between the computers, these devices include a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Personal Digital Assistant and laptops and PCs

Personal Computers (PCs), servers and printers.

The computer processor has memory and the appropriate means to achieve with a particular type of network. The traditional cell devices can be placed within the definition of a computer but the latest Mobile devices and even audio headset began in the integration of the network switches and power transformers account. The most of the electronic equipment was for wireless communications networks.

The networks rely on the wire or cable Fiber optic, wireless networks, the movement of information between computers. Information takes the form of an email, and web pages and database records, and a video or voice. The mobility of wireless networks, in most cases, data such as emails and files, we have shown progress in the performance of wireless networks through the addition of visual communications support to enable Video and Voice+.

The wireless network uses radio waves or light red medium of communication between users, and between servers and databases. This type of communication is no longer visible to the human eye, in addition to the real center of air visible to the user. Most manufacturers today make an integration between (NIC) Network Interface Card (NIC also reflects the HT) and the antenna in the computer. the NIC network card couldn’t seen by the user. It makes the computer the wireless mobile and easy to use.

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