There are very many reasons why the best EMR services are available with Nightingale, the leader in EMR services in Canada, ministering to the medical needs of millions.

Why Nightingale is the best

When it comes to EMR, Nightingale has simply led the way, making itself a pioneer and leader in the field of Electronic Medical Records. Through the expanse of awards Nightingale has won and the excellent press reviews through the years, Nightingale has captured the faith and trust of the medical fraternity both in Canada and the world. No wonder it has a client base that runs into millions of satisfied users.

What’s good about Nightingale

For one thing Nightingale has a highly trained set of experts ready to take on your every requirement, whether it be to help train you easily and quickly with the use of EMR, to people ready to offer courteous, professional help to ensure that your office system is operating effectively, whether it even be to help enable computers, printers and other network devices run smoothly. Support agents are always at hand to answer your questions by phone or email. With Nightingale, rest assured, your Electronic Medical Records are in good hands.

Why Nightingale is special

Nightingale ensures that you have the very latest in cutting edge research, technology and methods to make your medical practice efficient, smooth and economic on time and money. The EMR technology ensures fully web- based and hosted Electronic Medical Records. All you need is a good internal connection, for secure access to your clinical management system. Doctors are assured an excellent transcription facility with about 4 hours of turn around time. Mypatient access is a secure web portal that offers patients access to their health management tools. The first fully integrated Canadian Personal Health Record System connects patients directly to their EMR and their physicians. So with Nightingale you have assurance of efficient medical practices and plenty of time on hand.

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