Learning About the Triathlon Bike

Getting your first bike can be rather tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for or what type of special needs you may require in a bike. Some people ride in a triathlon with a rented or regular bike and feel they need to rush out and purchase a triathlon bike of their own. You’ll make much better time when you can use the same bike for riding, racing and training. While it’s a great idea to be able to race and train on the same bike, before you make a purchase, ask around to others as to what kind of bikes they have and their opinions. There is no better advice than reviews and ratings from other bike owners.

Obviously, you need to buy what you can afford but you can still “mix it up a little” when choosing a triathlon bike. You don’t absolutely have to get a full time triathlon bike as a regular road bike can have the Tri bars attached to it to design it the way you desire. There really aren’t that many Tri specific bars around anymore although you can find some excellent models from Obea (the Ora) and Ordu.

The Ora

As far as price goes, you’re not going to find a much more reasonably priced triathlon bike than the Ora. This bike not only has a dual position seat system for the utmost comfort but also an aero seat tube that gives it a look that’s both sleek and dynamic. The combination M30s and T700 carbon fiber may make your ride somewhat stiff at times but more than makes up for it on longer rides. The top tube on the frame is horizontal while the seat tube works its way around the rear wheel. This stylish bike is strong, beautifully designed and very aero.


The Ordu is very similar in design to the Ora but has a much more chunky and aerodynamic style. The wild design of the tube is much more exaggerated than what is seen with the Ora. Another difference between the two is the chain and seat stays with are a lot thicker than what is on the Ora. You only have to look at the Ordu to see and think speed and strength. Bikers that are looking for the newest in bike technology will love owning the Ordu, which has proven time and again to be the cutting edge of technology for time trials and competitions.

Road Bikes

It would be very difficult to describe the different types of road bikes are they are thousands on the markets. The most important factor in choosing a road bike will be your budget. After you’ve determined what you can afford to spend on your bike, you can begin your shopping excursion to the many bike stores in your area.

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